Kickers have status among their team mates!

Sandros and Burke seem to have football players status with their mates. Normally kickers get a good ribbing from their team mates. But Burke Dales last night was making special team tackles, punting in the 50 yard range and then Sandro you can count on. Yen Yon Rambo said it best you bet he has status!
The Stamps have a good tandem here!

I must say i am VERY impressed with Dales this year. He has improved his game 110%. Don't get me wrong, he was solid last year, but this year WOW.

Sandro is doing his thing from last year also but yes Dales is doing a great job as well.

Yeah Sandro has been good from day 1 though. Nothing against him, hes amazing, but he was last year too :stuck_out_tongue:. One thing i love about Sandro is how pumped up he gets after kicks. Every kick he makes he's running around with his arms up.

Seeing him running off the field pumping his arms last night was just awesome. You know hes out there doing the best he can do and just happy to be in the CFL. Its great.

You have to say the guy is gushing with confidence that is for sure. I would want a kicker that is this way!

So long as DeAngelis and Dales are doing a good job then they will have status… but if they pull a McCallum and miss a chip shot at the wrong time… then we will see a fall from grace…

Well Sambo I am going to disagree with you on that. I think Paul is doing a great job even today. It seems we as humans remember the bad kicks but not those game winning kicks. Paul will do great for BC. Yes he had missed a few big deal they all do. Remember also the holder of the ball is responsible to we do not go around say hey that holder is a jerk and can not hold that ball correctly now do we. I think the Rider fans expectations were way to high. He is doing good for BC.

Im not going to argue that point, but if DeAngelis misses a chips shot or Dales has a bad game punting, they will be the loneliest people in the locker room after the game.

It was really windy on Saturday and Sandro still went 6/6. Everytime he came on the field I said to my friend 'here comes Mr. Automatic'. Even from 52 yards out I knew it was going through the uprights. Just like when we had Ridgeway in Saskatchewan it's nice to have that assurance to send your kicker on the field and come away with 3 points, nearly everytime.

Damn right it is.. my friends and I call him The Cyborg. Distance, Aim, Consistency.. Perfection. Couldn't be human. :wink: