Kickers and Punters

Being an expansion franchise going on the safe side to start your first season is probably a good idea.
Of course if the REDBLACKS are able to acquire a stud at either kicking spot then you go for it.
My guess is that Ottawa were one of the teams that were vying for Chris Milo but the Riders appeared to make him an offer he could not refuse.

FG Kicker - Justin Palardy just signed after the release of former import CFL K Nick Setta.

Punter - Derek Schiavone

Both have CFL experience and full or close to full seasons.

Palardy not so long ago, 2012, hit on a Bomber record 86.7% after being relieved of doing double duties back in his rookie 2010 season.

Schiavone spent his first 4 seasons in Edmonton where he seemed to constantly be in a Kicking competition for both FG kicker and Punter. The last two seasons he has been with the Als but has not played in any games.

Having both focusing on one kicking duty should help out and if they happen to be the two who start the season I would feel comfortable with the duo. However would still be looking at other options.

I guess Nick Setta must have lost a half a leg (is that how you describe old kickers?) for Ottawa to release him after a recent workout. Too bad as he had a great leg when he first came into the League, high booming punts and great field goal range. Apparently his injury never healed well enough to get it all back.

I imagine Ottawa will keep looking for the next Nick Setta, but in the meantime have covered themselves with these two Canadian journeymen. They can get the job done in the short haul, but unless they can improve they are not in the same class as Waters or Medlock or a young Nick Setta. Field position is so important in the CFL now so you have to have reliable kickers or you're giving up yards on every exchange.