Since it appears that no Bomber fan is going to touch this subject with a ten foot pole, I (a Ticat fan) will do it:

The Steelers cut Josh Scobie when he missed field goals to cost them a win last week. That's what winning teams do when one guy obviously blows it for them. If the Bombers don't cut Liram after he singlehandedly cost them a win against Edmonton this week, what does that say about their organization?

What it means is it's hard to find a reliable kicker on the market at this point in the season, especially a National one. Ask the Redblacks and Argos who are going through kickers/punters every week lately. Argos are down to relying on Justin Palardy now, remember him? Redblacks brought back Brett Maher from last year. NFL teams have a rolodex of kickers that go round and round based on week to week performance, easier to find a replacement. We could have taken a look at Whyte but everyone else passed on him until Edmonton lost Grant Shaw, retrospectively we probably should have. We do have an American kicker on the roster for a few weeks now, maybe he gets a shot next game.

For once in a long while I agree with O'Shea. Lirim is a young kicker in the middle of a sophomore jinx year. He's in a slump not much different from the whole team. We may have to suffer some to reap benefits later. The kid just needs to calm down. I don't think we should cut him unless this trait of missing continues for a few more games... As I've said before" if we panic in situations like this then we will have more situations like this."

I don't know if you need to cut the guy but he shouldn't be costing you games while you wait for him to develop either. It was a bad idea to hand him both the kick and punt duties though and that was a coaching decision.

If we look at his career we see he was fantastic in CIS play and he did both duties. His first year with Winnipeg he was really good and now he's having trouble and I said to my son that ever since the new point after rule came in he's not good. My worry if we cut him is that some other team (Argos) will scoop him quick and allow him time to adjust and he'll be kicking the ball down our throats. For years I've watched the Leafs lose and one common thread has been that our castoffs come back to haunt us. So many players do well once they leave on both the Bombers and the Leafs. We have to stop that trend and sometimes we need to be patient. Quick fixes are what is killing us. There are a lot of ex-Bombers through the league that are doing fine for their new teams. I don't want to see that anymore. Patience is the key.

He's a free agent next year, wanted to try the NFL, we may lose him anyways.

And that is a big problem with this league. It's enough we lose guys like Muamba, but to intentionally throw away a player really adds to the dilemma.

I think that's the problem, he put too much pressure on himself to have a great year to impress NFL scouts and has just wilted because of it. It actually may work out to the Bombers benefit and be able to sign him when he gets no other takers.

Harsh lesson for a young guy, focus on the here and now and the future will take care of itself, focusing too far ahead and it'll cost you.

He may get some workouts down south but his stats will turn away a lot of teams, especially with the NFL kicking game mirroring the CFL rules with the longer PAT kicks. That and his kickoffs. NFL teams like to have them go out the endzone, not sure Lirim has enough leg to do that consistently down there, even with the shorter field.

I know I have been a major critic of MOS and this team. Frustration of not seeing improvement got me going on a rant. I was ready to airlift everyone. After watching the last two games I have changed my mind. There was heart in the team and that last game sure was exciting regardless of the outcome. What really got to me was watching MOS talking to Lirim after he botched the 4th FG try. After MOS walked away, the camera stayed on Lirim and you could see a look come over his face. He knew his HC was behind him. His confidence started to return. His last FG went dead centre through the uprights and was high enough that he could have kicked it from 60 yds. out. What a difference. I think we are witnessing the change from a lousy struggling team into a pretty cocky one. I like it. It just took longer than my patience could stand.

He has been missing converts all year , missed a game tying FG vs two FG vs Calgary this year in two games . The one in Calgary to win it and last week to get us a tie. At the very least he will have to battle for his job at next years camp.

...If Lirim wants a shot at the nfl he better extract that last game from his resume...that's not professional kicking..I feel sorry for the kid..Someone mentioned the extra point location has changed his game...Could be...I know in my golf game the more I try to change things, when I'm having a problem (lot of that lol) ,the worse things get sometimes...Is this what's happening to Lirim...In any event he is definitely digging himself a hole, and if things don't change next game ,the new guy Castillo will probably get a shot...Sophomore jinx???? Could be but Lirim better find some answers. :wink:

Castillo to take over the pk duties in BC, Liram will punt.

Well I think we can put to bed the idea that if we had made all our FGs that we would somehow be in the playoffs. An efficient or inefficient kicker wouldn't make any difference to this lousy team. How we could lose this last game at home that meant so much is a defining factor. Something needs to change. I don't think Benevides is the answer. I'm at the end of my rope. I'm kinda glad the season is almost over.