so do we need a kicker? or is gus the mule going to kick for us?

.....of all the improvements we made this is the area that has me most concerned as well.......listed on the roster is DeAngelis for Kicker and Dales for Punter but I know they have a couple of other kids coming to camp and there was talk that Greathouse is returning for camp.....I think it's basically going to be a crap shoot to who will get it and you never know, a walk-on could take the spot as well, got a soccer star at home?, he could be workign for the Stamps......

I thought that I heard they had signed Charlie Hebert from lasy year, but it could have been Greathouse, I am not 100% sure. I hope they do bring Hebert back. He did an excellent job last year until he was unexplicably cut in favour of Greathouse. Too bad he is an import

Hey, DeAngelis couldn't even make the Alouettes roster when all we had was Kellet (who can't kick any further than 35 yards) and Mariscal (who cannons the ball anywhere but between the uprights).

You guys should have kept Hebert. He wasn't bad.

Greetings all you great Stamp fans. I'm a stamp fan from B.C.I was reading about all the new players Calgary has brought in for training camp and one of the names was Mark Irwin(I believe that's his name)who happens to be a punter/place kicker. maybe he's our Gus the Mule that Stamps 98 mentioned in his/her post.No seriously does anyone know anything about him? All it said is that is from Ottawa.By the way it's too bad about Sandro S. retiring.