Kicker signs with be announced today?

Nick Setta

(Notre Dame Irish, Rhein Fire)

Source: Hamilton Spectator (Tuesday Edition)

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Enough with the "trey" already.

This is not basketball.

Well, again, no surprise considering the performnces of our punter and kicker last year.

Its called being proactive.

It only took 3 seasons.


He can still get cut.

Is Peters on crack? How did he ever get a job in journalism??? What the hell is a 'trey' and even if its a spiffy way of saying three... why did he use it any more than once in that article?

I wouldn't be surprised to see Fleming packaged in some sort of pre-season trade now. I think he has some marketable value as a punter.

Bye bye Boreham.

crosses fingers!!

Well, at least it is something to talk about during this young off-season.

Lord knows every other team is getting ready for 2007.

Wow, this just made my day a little bit better.

We may finally get rid of Boreham and the kicker that we signed to replace him comes from the second best football team in the entire universe (Ticats being #1)... Go Irish!

ps - It's not that I dislike Jamie Boreham as a person. I don't know him. I hear that he's very nice... but you can't charm the football through the uprights. So he has to go!

If Setta emerges as the starting K or even K/P he'll think he's died and gone to the heaven of lower expectations.

Given the Boreham Standard over the past three years all Setta has to do is:

Hover around 70% accuracy on FGs(because you know nobody's perfect bad back, bad snap, bad hold etc.)

Short, angled punts.Emphasis on the former the latter is open to interpretation.(Jamie's short and off centre punts were considered "angled")

Can stink well into his thirties(because cfl kickers can play into their forties ergo there's lots of time, what's the hurry?)

Can stink for years right out of the gate(because OZZY supposdly stunk for years too)

If all else fails, have a great attitude and try hard.

Lastly, dont worry, Bernie can come in and fix anything.

Dont look now but we signed another K/P today.

Three non imports signed and none of them went to Mac.
The times they are a changin'

As much as I'd be more than happy to see a "Sarnia" boy make the team...Devlin's numbers sure are "nothing" to "Brag About"!

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At least there will be a competition for the position come training camp! :thup:

Jamie is good Guy
He just not a good Kicker..

I've seen Devlin kick, and while his accurracy numbers are nothing to brag about... he sure was good the games when he was on (can't punt all that great though....) kickoffs and FGs seem to be the kid's specialty.

should make for an interesting camp.

Since when are accuracy problems an impediment around here?
He'll fit in just fine.

Its sad...but true for some reason we went out of our way to sign a kicker who will be 29 years old next year, with zero pro experience, and satisfactory numbers in the OUA. I'm still scratching my head over this. Brian Devlin wasn't impressive at all during his time at WLU. I have to question our GMs reasoning behind this?

And why we still don't have a HC in place but this time.

Brian Devlin wasn't impressive at WLU??????

In Brian's final season at Laurier he was 17/21 with one of the misses being a 52 yarder that hit the upright about halfway up. He was 30/30 on PATs.

He also hit a 32-yarder right down the middle with 19 seconds left to win the Vanier Cup by a point.

As for his punting, in his senior year at Laurier he averaged over 37 yards a punt while constantly being asked to kick to the sideline.

Devlin's PK accuracy in his third year was awful. He worked hard at it and excelled in his final year.

Mike - we at dont let facts and reason get in the way of a good argument. What we do is whine and complain that we aren't signing anybody, and then when we do, say those that we signed are no good.