Kicker or returner

I’d rather pay big money to a kicker like medlock or Maher than a returner

Has to be addressed....missed convert, 28yard punt. I think it should be our number one priority.

You don't need big money to sign Maher.
Cats opp to sign a top kickes was Watters. No sense in complaining about Medlock. That ship has long sailed.

Coach Kent and Kickers are not friends :twisted: .

2016 scoring

Maher 171 points
Banks 42 points total and 18 points on special teams

I know this is overly simplistic but at the end of every game it's only points that matter.

Maher wanted a signing bonus and, considering his late-season performance, Austin/Tillman didn't consider him worthy of one. Ottawa gave him $25k as a signing bonus, then released Early.

Medlock signed for $175k in Winterpeg. That cash was needed due to the ridiculous number of injuries the team suffered last year. They were out-bid on Waters, something that happens in free agency.

Of course, the OP ignores the fact that Banks had a significant pay cut this season - a reflection of his contribution and, to a certain extent, his suspension last year.

I believe that there are 3 elite-level kicker/punters in the CFL, just as there are 3 elite-level quarterbacks in the League. Same with elite-level returners. Returners give the offence instant field position; something that a P/K can only do if there is a fumble on the return or an onside kick/punt. In 2015, Zach consistently had a shortened field to attack and the team scored tonnes of points due, in part, to Speedy's returns.

I would say that both kickers and returners are equally valuable to a successful team. Overspending on one may impact the other but, more realistically, it would impact the team as a whole. IMHO FWIW, Mahar's lack of performance in the last third of the season (even though he had to contend with a number of different holders) wasn't enough to EARN him both a guaranteed contract act AND a significant signing bonus (more than 1/3 of my gross yearly pay) this year.

Should of signed Swayze Waters when they had the chance.

Big trouble ahead.

They tried to but he chose BC

Kickers give the defence instant field position if 25000 was the tipping point this team has bigger problems than the kicking game

Maher kicked a bunch of kickoffs out of bounds at horrible times last year. And even though Maher kicked some very tough, 50+ yard field goals, he also blew more than a few easy ones. Don't talk about Maher like he is the best kicker in the league.

The kicker we currently have may perform very well. When I saw him play for the Bombers, he looked very capable.

Darrell Davis? @DarrellDavisSK 24m24 minutes ago

#Ticats need punter/kicker. Quinn Van Gylswyk kicks 4/4 FGs, averages 41.2 yards/punt for #Riders vs #Bombers in 25-25 #CFL tie. Trade time?

YUP, that is overly simplistic.

Not simplistic at all points are what matter in all sports

then sign 20 kickers if they score so much. Silly statement

It is a simple stat but it illustrates the importance of a kicker compared to a returner. The only stat that matters at the end of the game is the score, and, quite simply, the kicker is involved in scoring much more than a returner.

Yes, returners can affect field position, but so do kickers, so that stats a wash (probably affected by the kicker more than the returner actually). At the end of the day a FG isn't a FG if you don't have a kicker who can kick it. I know Maher wasn't perfect last year, but one thing he does have is a strong leg. He can kick a FG from 55 yds, which shortens the field. I'd say there isn't much that's more deflating for a team than missing a FG after a long march and coming away with a point or nothing at all.

So, yes, I believe points are an important stat to consider. And, no position is more important than the kicker in terms of points.

Just for fun, I'm going to throw this out there: quarterback?

But a kicker scores more points remember

You don't need 20 1 kicker scores more than anyone else on the team sorry to confuse you with silly facts