Kicker for 2019

Who should be our kicker in 2019?
Should we stick with what we have, or sign someone else, or bring up a young new ( unproven) person?

Hajrullahu’s stats were not that bad overall, but we are all aware of the mistakes he seemed to make 1 or 2 times a game (ill timed short punts, illegal kickoffs and a couple of clutch FG misses).
He is Canadian and could do all three jobs. Is that worth keeping, despite the mistakes?

I’d definitely be looking elsewhere. The kickoffs out of bounds were ridiculous.

Not sure if he’s a free agent, but if he is, I’d sign Tyler Crapigna, the ex-Marauder (Canadian, has played in Hamilton before, excellent field goal kicker). Anyone know if Crapigna can punt/do kickoffs, too? I know in Saskatchewan, he only kicked field goals.

Not to excuse Hajrullahu, but Paredes for Calgary kicked out of bounds on the opening kickoff of the Grey Cup. It’s not like these guys aren’t capable of keeping it away from the sideline: they are asked to cut it close to make the coverage team’s job easier.

Whats funny to me is his Stats for 2018 were better then 2017, at least in Field Goal percentage.

Yeah but Lirim did it game after game.

He doesn’t seem clutch. No way Medlock or Parades miss that last second FG against Montreal in the final regular season game.


He seem to be missing that “clutch? factor. Jones didn’t trust him either during that BC game to kick the game winning fieldgoal.

He was clutch enough in the GC.
I say we keep him, and let him work on his weaknesses.

Gives us flexibility on the ratio as well.

The team could do much better. He is identified as a weakness, fix the weakness.

Take a number and please be seated.

This is a real tough question and should come down to how much he is asking for and what our other national options are. I think having a national or two nationals as your kickers is extremely beneficial in that you can dress more imports to play special teams and play in certain situations or used as a backup in case of injury.

The perfect case is what Calgary has two elite veteran national kickers.

I feel the ticats will take the easy way out and sign him as it would be tough to find a better national kicker that can do both jobs or two national kickers to be punter and field goal kicker.

If it were me , I would search far and wide for a replacement or replacement candidates and may the best guy or guys win in training camp.

Our goal is to win the Grey Cup and I feel Lirium has made far too many blunders to justify the high salary or to be trusted to perform when needed.
My gut feeling is that he cannot be trusted and we can spend the money elsewhere.

Josh Bartell was an excellent national punter who rarely made mistakes and often pinned the opponent in their ten yard line something Lirium rarely does.

Castillo and Medlock pretty much had perfect seasons for us but yes they are imports and Medlock would cost alot.

Signing Lirum would be overpaying and settling for a below average punter and place kicker.

If you kick a game winning FG in the last minute with snowy conditions in the Grey Cup you will now, and forever, be remembered by me as clutch.

Liam is a good FG/punter and a National. Love to have him back.

Can you answer how much he was paid and how bad his stats are for punting and field goals. I’d like to see your research to back up your statements about being below average.

Fir one I don’t think he was overpaid. Remember Toronto opted out to try and resign him. He was a free agent with nowhere to go.
Other than his penchant for those stupid OB kicks, he’s is a good football player.

2018 season contract, $145K

I think the same of Lirim as I do Jeremiah. Meh. I’d replace him but we might be stuck just like Masoli. It’s interesting that we can openly criticize his shortcomings but not our QBs.

In Castillo’s pretty much perfect season his FG success rate was 85.3% and 45.1/punt
Lirim was 85.2% this past season and 45.0

Almost identical.

With Medlock you get the 89% accuracy but with this he is an import, and averaged between 40-42/punt as a Cat so trade off. Also he is making more $$$

Lirim avg 44 yards a punt and had a FG% of 81% in his last season as an Argo. So the Cats got what they might have thought in 2018 from their kicker.

So I take from this that since he’s being paid as two players, he’s not overpaid and his stats are ok. And he frees up a roster spot. Sign him up!
Unless this is too mediocre for the money we pay him.

Whoever is our kicker next year we should bring in Bernie Ruoff next year to coach him. Any room under the football ops cap for ol’ Bernie?