Kicker: Felix Menard Biere

I don't know if you guys have been keeping up with this kid but he's something special.
Montreal Carabins 3 year kicker was 4 for 4 (31.16,32,15) Two Rouge for 66 and 72 yards, punted 18 Times ! (for both teams)

Ran his forty in a 4.55 and was in the top 3 of all prospects at the East West in all speed, agility drills.

This guy MIGHT be worth a look, but you really haven’t given us a lot of information on him. :frowning:

He's a Carabin. Will be available in the 2017 Draft. Big, Athletic and looks like he can do all kicking duties to a high level since he was at the Est-West where the best CIS prospects for the next draft are invited.

Looks like he was 3rd on their depth chart last season and 0-1 in FGs. Not sure what kind of kicker he really is.