Kicker but no Vaughn.....

Well, Joe traded for a kicker!
With the Renegades luck Matt will go blind by July.
And, no surprise, we got scooped by Montreal getting Terry Vaughn, who was rumoured to be on his way here.
I guess Joe's hands are still tied with no confirmation on the new owners (Gliebermans) or he believes the guys currently in his stable have enough horsepower.
But c'mon- a 1 for 1 trade with a pick thrown in and we couldn't deal for Terry? He might have put the fear of God into opposing teams D....
Anyway, Matt, if he stays healthy, will be a saving grace for the Gades - who knows, he might even measure up to Tynes , with the bonus of a non-import spot available for our O or D lines.

I really hope Kellet holds up. Our kicking sucked last year. I really miss Tynes. I even caught a few Chiefs games just to watch him.