Kick to win

Man this guys sucks! should have been the other dude. No way he makes that last kick from the 50. I say he toes it right in to the ground lol.

^ You’re cruel. :lol:

I couldn’t believe the guy’s reaction. He just won $30,000 for kicking a ball, and he can’t even crack a smile? I’d love to get $30,000 for practically doing nothing. :lol:

how the hell did this bozo end up there??? NO healthy male should miss from 20, and very few should miss from 30.

30 grand, burgers for a year and a girlfriend that might still love him. He's fine.

I can't imagine that pressure but that other guy seemed like he was going to be a shoe in. I was shocked when he didn't get past the semi final. Funny what pressure can do to someone..yikes.

TSN should quickly highlight the finalist's and contestants' best kicks. Perhaps he would've done better if he saw his past performance and form up on the jumbotron.

Poor guy, he was prolly shiiiting brix! :oops:

The guy who he beat out for the final will be watching and shaking his head. My mother could probably kick a field goal from 20 yards and she uses a walker.

I say good on him for having the guts to try it. I know I wouldn't...especially not after seeing what kind of jerks some of you guys are being about it...

You wouldn't try it? Hey if you sneezed and got only one yard that's $1000. Anyway he's got $30,000 and us jerks only get to joke about it. Life's cruel sometimes.

:lol: We are a tough audience...

Nope, I wouldn’t try it. Thanks, but I’ll stay completely out of the spotlight to avoid having other people call me down for something many people can’t do well anyway.

It was really tough to watch the other semi finalist nail a 50 yarder but still lose the kick off. He wasn't the worlds greatest kicker but he definitely had a chance from 50. I'm trying to refrain from negative things to say as I was critical of the guy last year and then he signed up for these boards and gave me "poop" :wink:

You could tell even when they interviewed him in the 2nd quarter that he wasn't going to win a million dollars-- he couldn't make anything over a 30 yarder to begin with... but at least he got 30K out of the deal.

There's no way I could know for sure, but I'm guessing that kicking a field goal becomes a whole lot harder to do in front of 25K or so people, and tens of thousands more on TV. The pressure must be intense. Grats to him anyway. He came away a winner for his efforts!

sure there is pressure, but his kicking style sucked and extremely lowered his chances.

LMFAO.. as you sit behind your keyboard dissing a mere fan. think you can do better.. until it comes time to walk the walk... unreal some people think they are so much better than a fellow human being sometimes!!

yes, at 54, overweight, out of shape, and legs weakened from being bedridden for most of this yr, I could still do better. 20 yards is still a chip shot.

in my prime, late teens to early 30’s, I was better than 50% at 40 yards. I know something about what I am talking about.

I'm sure this guy has never seen a tee before this contest.. cut him some slack.. or at the very least ACT YOUR AGE! and give him some props for showing up in front of all those people, geez ,everyone here has to be better than the people they are a making fun of to make them feel better... pathetic!!!

Well seeing he was from Edmonton ,and Got Kicking tips from DeAngeles in Calgary . I wonder if that had anything to do with it. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: