Kick returner

Nice to finally see someone return a ball that can get positive yardage. They should have brought in Tristan Jackson way sooner. Maybe they can get Ford or Ryan Smith returning the odd ball. If not go shopping. Marshay Green is not the guy!

agree on Green not being the guy but the knock on Jackson is he does cough up the ball a bit too often. Ford might see some action not far down the road.

In Coach Chamblain's post game interview (after Toronto), he revealed that Green got nicked up a bit..... the only reason for T.Jackson to get in.
In a previous post I mentioned that Green was listed as a DB.... So he provides more to the roster than just a kick returner. I didn't get to see him play in the preseason, but Depop confirmed to me that he looked decent, and that the Riders are likely grooming him to be a back-up DB for depth in case a starter goes down. So time will tell I guess. I put faith in the coaches that must see something in him to keep him around.

He looks fast, so that is good for the DB position.

Not many guys are listed on a roster simply as 'returner'. Almost always they have another position.

If Green is needed as a DB how come he never plays DB? Anderson was traded, Green did not move into the rotation. LeGree is the next guy up in that spot and now plays nickel. Don't know a lot about LeGree yet but one thing for sure he's got WHEELS. Check out the hilites of the BC/Sask game and at 1:10 watch him track down Logan (LOGAN ffs!) from behind. So if Green is around because of his speed, LeGree has speed too but also is ahead on the chart.

Yes. LeGree did look good. Maybe he is the “next up?” If the Rider secondary stays healthy, maybe Green never sees a play. But coaching staff must see something in Green to keep him around. If they didn’t, then he should be released. I agree that as a returner, he is just average. At that position, you want something special and so far this year, he hasnt shown anything special yet.

Let's stick with Jackson. He was good in Edmonton and always does good when they throw him in there for punt returns.

I feel bad for him. They keep cutting him and bringing him back. He is also a very good cover guy. Not flashy but hits hard and makes plays.

I like Jackson as a returner…my problem is I like him more as a DB. A couple years back he had a big return and then the O had a quick series (I think they turned it over), and he was immediately attacked deep…nothing in the tank…and actually ended up hurt on the play…hammy and there was a massive TD. I hate starters…any key starter returning. it should be a backup RB, FB (ie a guy like hughes), a SB that can be rotated out for a few downs, etc. It was like when they had Dressler in there…ok…fine late in a close game, because he is highly unlikely to fumble…any other time almost every Rider fan held their breath.

Good point Depop!!