Kick Returner

Yes, if a Dominique Dorsey or the like is available, we have to go after him. However unless our Return BLOCKING isnt drastically improved, dont expect a repeat of his previous seasons from the new guy.
Weve had a lot of bodies in the return position over the past 2-3 seasons, and no one has survived; were STILL looking.
To my mind the problem goes deeper than on-field performance...its the COACHING thats questionable.
Someones doing something wrong...either these guys dont get the message (ALL 12?), or someone`s sending the WRONG message... and has for a couple of seasons.
Something to think about.

IMO, the Special teams players on last year's team
were the most talented group we have had in years.

Experienced guys like Ray Mariuz and Augie Barrenechea
and athletic guys like Yannick Carter and Mark Beswick

it was our kick returners who were inexperienced.

IMO, it is hard to coach experience.

IMO great QBs make the offensive line look great, and great returners make the ST blocking look great.

We need an upgrade there for sure.

Yes, please. This is the one area we can never seem to get right. Other teams pull returners out of thin air. McDaniel is ok but he’s not going to break many for TDs. We need someone who scares the crap out of punt teams.

i thought Tre Smith showed potential as a kick returner; i don't know why he wasn't/hasn't
been utilized in that position more.


That would be Dorsey. :thup:

Cobb could be our guy this year if Keith is back and used as our feature back.

He seemed too slow and went down too easily when hit from what I saw.

Not to mention he's made of glass.

I think he was injured for most of the season.

Tre is on the small side,so maybe he went down easily?? I don't know what you saw.
But slow?really? 2 me - his biggest quality is his quickness,followed by his speed - maybe i'm wrong.
Yeah, Cobb is the logical guy 2 return when looking at his carreer history.
But what is the story on Keith? Is he actually coming back?
Cuz you can't really ask Cobb 2 return and be the main half-back..
unless they are some personel changes - which i'd imagine their will be..

I'm Alone in thinking Tre could be a decent kick returner???

Tre is definately quick but he doesn't have the more important(for returns) straight line speed. I dont think he'd really break away and ever get a return touchdown without an amazing blocking job all the way down the field with him, and if we had that there 'd still be better players for it.

Your not alone in thinking he could be good, cause he could get a healthy avg like a Marquay Mcdaniel or Stephan Fisher from 2002, but I wouldn't want to settle for that.

Decent, yes. Not outstanding. Kick returners are either great or not good enough, in my opinion. We've had decent returners for a couple seasons but I don't remember the last return for a touchdown. Anyone remember?

The last guy i remember is hill, back when Danny was still our qb.

I remember JoJo Walker pointing up to the crowd as he returned a punt for a TD wearing a gold jersey in the last game of the season. I just don't remember which season (2007 or 2008). Did they even have the golds in 2007?
The clip was used in TSN's opening last season.

It was the last game of the 2007 season that Walker returned a punt for a TD. Here is a link to the game stats for that game:

Interesting to see that LeFors was actually not too bad against us that game, and that WPG is considering bringing in Jyles, the other QB that played us that game, but I digress.