Kick Return

Once again the Eskimo's look to be going into the season without a game breaking punt of kick-off returner. Other years there has been some guy being touted as the next Gizmo Williams but I have heard no such talk this year. Are the Eskimo's scouts just not finding anyone or is there just not anyone out there. It seems other teams are able to find talented kick returners, why can't the Eskimo's?

Coach Jones will fix that. They seemed to have trouble with special teams in all areas.
Burnett has been supposed to be the punt return guy but he was in and out partly because he was startin CB and partly because of mistakes.
Return by comitte works with the right guys and for Burnett under a new staff will likely be better at returning punts or there may be real consequeces not fake ones.
For Kick Off returns they have 3 RBs that are all capable of returning Kick Offs. Hugh Charles is the best then he will be returning them and be the starting RB.
For Jones not having a return specialist taking a DI spot gives him another import for his defense

I hope your right but will believe it when I see it. Burnett has been a reliable kick returner but has been far from a game breaker.

Thats true but I can see Jones and his staff being much more organized when it comes to the return game. Burnette taking on punt returns as well as being a top starting CB, likely will be better off just focusing on that one aspect of special teams.
As for Kick offs whether it is going to be Charles or the #2 tailback that would give that DI spot more useful. Also not counting out another DB that will be on the game day roster. I am not sure that any of the receivers they have would be good Kick Off returners or not.
I just do not see Jones using a DI spot for a guy who just returns. Another avenue that may not happen now in EDM but beginning to use a good Canadian Skill player to groom into a return specialist. It is likley going to be where Coombs may start off in Toronto and there is more room on the 20 man NI roster to place a player as a return specialist. JMO

Can I just say I hate the Designated Import rule because it makes what is already hard to understand with the Non-Import rules so complicated?

It does make things seem a bit more complicated to understand. As DI can only sub in for another import and not a Canadian that has been named as one of the & minimum ratio spots.
Starting more then the minimum 7 Canadians you then have importsthat can comeoff the bench and sub for Import or Canadian.
Basicall the way around a DI subbing for just an import is done by making a double switch usually done in defensive packages or rotations.
Often not an issue as a DI usually is an extra DB that would sub for one of the 5 starting DBs that are not safeties.A rotating DE in which all three DE's are imports. On offense often a second RB or back up receiver.

Yea yout right itcan get complicated

I once again I was disapointed with the Esks kick return game. Special teams was the one aspect that they were totally outplayed last week. There seems to be no pop to the return game and has been that way for a few years now. Other teams seem to be able to come up with guys to do the job, why not the Eskimos?

Averaging only 4.5 yards per punt return isn't doing the job, especially when your opponent is getting double that. On kickoffs they were as bad, averaging 15.5 yards while giving up 35.

If it wasn't for the fact that this has been the case for the last decade I might right it off as a bad night but this has been the rule not the exception.

Punt returning is really the tough position to fill. Teams sometimes have return specialist are often players who are really Kick Off specialist first. The rookie from the REDBLACKS is a true punt returner.
Kick Off returner can usually be filled by a back up RB but a punt returner takes a skill to judge that punt with people surrounding you. So hard to find a good one. reason why Toronto is looking to replace Owens as a returner and did last season at times with Kick Offs but his punt return skills are special.
Tim Brown in BC also is a return specialist who can handle all duties very well.

I agree with you for the most part though there are teams that have filled the punt returner position more easily than the kick returner position because the punt returner position does not require any more the same blazing speed. Here's why.

As we see unlike often in college football where usually the most athletic and fastest player with decent hands is returning all kicks, in pro football the punt returner is often not amongst the fastest guys on the team any more because with vastly improved kick coverage over the years, sure-handedness and agility are prized over speed.

The receiving team's coach just wants high assurance of a player who can make good decisions with the catch or no catch in the NFL or as we see in the CFL, the additional skill to draw the 'no yards' penalty without of course losing possession to the punter who is lingering occasionally.

Returning kick offs is a very different skill and now is becoming almost exclusive to the CFL so as to make the game so great. Returning kickoffs is merely a matter of the initial choice on line to take and then just speed with some reads to shift lines that come with instinct and experience.

It seems there are few players like Owens any more who play both positions if not also either position for years.

Owens is also NFL-calibre talent as is Stefan Logan, but given the lame rule change for kickoffs again from the 35-yard line so as to decrease the number of kickoffs and increase the number of scheduled commercial breaks all in the laughable name of safety a few years ago, the days of the great NFL kick returners like Devin Hester as the last one are over.

This fact makes the CFL even more appealing to me such that higher-level talent I would think will continue to be drawn at least for the kickoff return duties.

Abosultely the punt returner for a team is a balance of a lot of skills. The skill of fielding a punt is hard enough in itself. Seeing an Anthony Coombs as a National who has proven to be able to handle punts and have skills after catching will have to see if he can bring that tothe pro level.
Like the long snapping spot has become such a specialty where not only Nationals are making a career of it in the CFL but in the NFL as well. More National skill players will/should be looking to make that a part of their resume. Doing either or or both.