Kick/Punt Returner for this week!!

Ok is it me or WTF is going on. Why is Walker listed as the #1 on the depth Chart for both these positions especially after last week.

Curry was special teams player of the week 2 weeks ago why is he not returning kicks, and wasn't Armstead brought in here to do the same.


If I were coach, consigning Walker to backup duty on special teams this week would be the bare minimum after his bonehead play last game.

I would prefer Armstead returning punts, but I digress.

Oski Wee Wee,

Or maybe, just maybe, JoJo wants an opportunity for redemption.

Personal pride is a great motivator, and this team needs motivation.


The Bassman


I would say... that depends on how "healed" Armstead is. I don't have a problem with JJ returning kicks. I think he's learned something from last game. Personally... I'd like to see Curry as a permanent fixture returning kicks. He seems to be able to find the seams...

I thought JoJo would be getting a second chance, and here it is. Hopefully, he makes the most of it.