kick off to 08

finally the first game of the year.its cold,rainy,and windy.hope they will be selling the hot chocolate and ameretto tonight.would be nice to see the stands full of the green and white and a full house even if it is only a pre-season game.GO RIDERS GO :thup:

I can't go personally so I'm choked that it won't be televised. I would love to see how some non-starters perform. I'll say it again....if you won't televise it...bring it to Pay per View. I'd pay the 10-15 or whatever. Anyone know if Sirius has it on tonight?

this league very rarely takes the pro-active approach, as far as i'm concerned the powers to be are terrible at speculating trends, after a very long off season fans may show more interest checking out pre-season talent then games 17-18 when out of it dogs take to the field

Ratings for pre-season games in most sports are usually in the toilet. Based on the costs to broadcast the game it is a very high risk low reward issue. Most of the diehards will be at the game. Of the ones that are left, there is no guarantee as to how many people would tune in.

If you are going to risk a couple hundred thousand dollars, doing so on an exhibition game is pretty risky.

Who is going tonight? I'll be the biiiig jerk screaming profanities at the Lions and the Zebras.


...there's a shocker.

Im listening to 620am at least I can hear it

Green is the color!

Anyone miss me? After several days of attempting, but failing, to log on---anyone remember my password? apparently the CFL site doesn't....--I have just resurfaced under a slightly different name!

Might as well get right back at this.....not enough "I"s in "big"......biiiiiiiiiig jerk......

So, why on god's green earth would we raise the Grey Cup banner during a pre-season game? I know Hopson is an idiot, but surely someone could have sat him down and told him what a lousy idea that was. Great ceremony!
To bad almost nobody either saw it, or cared about it....

It was a sellout, so the same number people saw it as they would at any other game.

Were you at the game, Artie? They ANNOUNCED a sell out. There were maybe 23000 people there. And the energy and excitement just isn't the same for an exhibition game as it would have been for the home opener. Plus, the home opener would be on TV so fans across the nation, Rider fans or otherwise, could have seen the celebration. From a PR/marketing point of view, it simply made no sense.
The rationale, and from the lips of Jim Hopson himself on the Drew Remenda show, was that they "wanted to get it out of the way and concentrate on 2008". Huh? We win the first Grey Cup in 20 years, only our third ever, and the "reason" they raised the banner when they did was "to get it out of the way"? Because they were worried it was a "distraction" to the players and would affect our ability to repeat? Give me a break!

Televising this ceremony for Rider fans across the nation to see would have been the sensible choice, a very poor marketing decision and a major brain cramp by Hopson


Season still isn't a sellout.

And I like the attitude of raising the banners before the season starts. It shows me the team means business. And a winning season with the focus on winning another Grey Cup is better marketing and PR than any banner raising ceremony could ever be.

And so the contrasting argument then is that had they raised the banner during the season opener, it would have proven what? That they were not focused on winning another Grey Cup? That they "did not mean business"?
Sorry, but raising the banner is for the fans and I 100% agree with Dru Remenda on this---the banner raising has nothing to do with the players and the team. And if they are so easily distracted, so lacking on focus that the timing of the banner raising was an issue---then we are simply not going to contend for the Cup this year anyway....

I just see it as one more thing for the whiners to jump on. And guess what. The biggest whiner did jump on it. I am soooooo surprised.

Interesting how teams in every sport talk about how ceremonies and other things that change their prep and their routine messes with their games. But that's not as important as doing the ceremony on TV. Of course then again I could care less for watching a banner get raised so maybe I'm in the minority.

Why talk good about the game? Some of the good young players. Riders only beat BC 33-13.

I loved the game. Like Durant and McKenzie and Heard a lot. Foorde to. And really liked Bowman. That big guy is going to be awesome.

Riders had new stud DT at practice today. Dont know who he is but he pancaked Wayne Smith. Same for Belton Johnson. Looked like a young Nate Davis. Very big and very strong.

The Reasoning for choosing to televise an event or not depends on many factors yes.

The stadium soldout for the night. HOWEVER, that should not matter. This should be determined with a simple bell curve diagram... if it gets to 24.5k i'd say its close enough to trust that the rider faithful NATION will make it worthwhile. Thus having an IN STANDS appearance of approx 86% full. There are many faithful who would watch if televised. PPV at local sporting bars would be great to :slight_smile:

victoria bc here