Kick off song!!!

I dont recall or maybe even paid attention but do we play any music right before opening kick off to get the fans pumped up?

What song would you like to hear before kickoff that would get you pumped up.

For Me it would be 'damage inc' by Metalica

Slow start than the song goes berserk.

Or something with a air raid siren at the begining or just use an air raid siren.

What songs get you pumped up?

Ti-Cats fight song

We love those Cats
Those Tiger Cats
The Team with the spirit and fight
( or how does it go?)
Used to love that song played in the sixties at Civic......

We had a fight song?

PLEASE excuse the source for this:

Welcome to the Jungle - Guns N Roses

Enough said, it is the tiger cats, should make the place a jungle to play...

and it has your air raid siren at the beginning (somewhat)

Thanks OC!

Now we need a Hamilton Band to blast a new version !
Wiskey Wee Wee
& Oskee Wa Wa
And on to Victory!


I always thought that Hot Hot Papa by David Wilcox would be a perfect song to crank things up to...

Ive heard part of that song on chml. Cool thanks for sharing

definitely a classic.

Run Through The Jungle by CCR (what can I say, but that I'm old). :oops:

Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes. Only in hopes of the crowd doing something like this...

Welcome to the jungle - perfect - haven't heard it since IWS days.

wow that is impressive!

All I know is that I will be signing ''Last Dance'' by Donna Summer cuz my Als are gonna send the ticats packing.

You know there is no way you will look cool doing that right ? :lol:

more like the song "its gonna be a long drive home" written by the depressed Als fans. :wink:

Short drive to pearson...Als fans travel first class...

Pearson and first class cant be used in same sentence :wink:

but i think they'll have crying towels for you

I think this song is always a great one for the Ti-cats! but Welcome to the Jungle is great also.

This is fitting for the Alouettes fans, after the game :smiley:

its pretty cool there are bands out there that make songs about the Cats. and good ones at that