Kick off party with a group for the first week in the CFL

I sort of like this how the NFL has this kick-off party with a music group. I think it would great for the CFL to do this also and have it televised, change the city every year.

Good idea Earl, It gave me an idea.....

BRIAN WILLIAMS: "Welcome CFL fans from coast to coast, Comming live, from downdown Moose Jaw, It's Turkeybend with his top 10 songs from 2005." :shock:

Just Kiddin.

If we could convince one of the networks to do something like that and hype the CFL like the networks hype the NFL.

Got to admit I like that name Turkeybend. Reminds me of Turkey Point where we go to do some relaxing and swimming here in southern Ontario on Lake Erie near Simcoe. Nice place to see the sights of summer, babe style that is, with all their bends, as long as the wife doesn't catch me drooling too much which is a problem when I go there. :lol:

You know, for all the crap that CBC puts on the air. A pre-season CFL extravaganza should be makeable, maybe even profitable?

…I like that idea too Earl…only don’t bring in a group like the Black-eyed Peas…I think you should bring in a music group with broader appeal…I don’t critique the music business…buy I don’t think the group that was brought in for the Grey Cup went over that well…just my thoughts… :!:

Friday Night Football is a good start, they need to pump up the show more like Monday Night NFL does, every city would have its night and could have a big pregame party with a band, make it an event not just a game…

Good idea!

One year the Friday night crew was in Vancouver we saw them at a local resteraunt. They were good for the economy...They all drank like fishes! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: