Kick Off Party at BMO on June 23rd

Well it sure seems the new Argo regime is trying hard to attract new fans and make football an event , next Thurs night kicks off the CFL season and it looks to me as if they are trying to celebrate opening night much like the NFL kicks off it opener with bands , party areas , (The Shipyard ) TSN on site , VIP areas etc .
What a nice refreshing change to see this all taking shape .

Glad to see ownership making the effort of making these things events. Also, the Bell reach going down with former Juno award winners.

Interesting to see that the shipyard branding incorporates the boat logo :thup:

Cool beans

Nice, getting the spirits in my head which just won't go to do a happy dance!

And for the record, Offishall is excellent as well IMHO.

Looking really forward to checking this out next week. It is one of the biggest days I have been looking forward to on the season's calendar. I am anticipating experiencing an environment will be amazing and something the games have lacked...and that will draw people back for more.