Kick Off Bash

Great gesture by Bob et al to hold this event.

A lot of work by a lot of people went into this tonight.

Very disappointed in the amount of chatter that was going on in the back of the room when questions were being answered by the panel.

If you weren't interested in what Bob, Scott, Marcel and Coach Taaffe had to say then why were you there?

A lot of people couldn't go tonight because of the limited number of tickets ... I'm certain they would have been quite willing to show the Management Group the respect they deserved.

It Was a Great Night Out
A Wounderfull Job by Ticats Staff..
Has me All Ready for The Season.

Thanks again for great Time..

We also had a wonderful evening.. though we also found all the talking at the back of the room incredibly rude.

Thanks to all the staff who obviously worked very hard to make a great event!!!

Thats why only three hundred people got to go eh!Yawn..... get real!

Bravo Tiger Cat staff! A job well done!

We were all treated as if we were special guests,

A big welcome at the door, from TC, Stripes
Tiger Cat staff members including Bob Young

inside, players, management, and cheerladers
mingled with us, socializing for 40+ minutes
while we were all nibbling on appetizers

then, we were summoned to the Studio Theatre
to hear from our effervescent caretaker, bob.

There, bob, Scott Mitchell, Marcel Desjardin
and Charlie Taaffe took our questions

One final[?] rousing Oskee Wee Wee from Paul Weiler
and a dance number from our cheerleaders

and then some of us we were off to Hess village
to socialize some more with players and staff
at two different restaurant/bars there.

It was a great way to rev up my enthusiasm
for the upcoming football season!

I thought it was AMAZING... really great fun. THANK YOU! It was a wonderful night to share with the two most special men in my life - my Dad and Darling Husband.


What a great event. Bring on football season, I'm jacked up.

I was very impressed by the effort that went into the night. Everyone was very friendly and helpful and it was clear they really went out of their way to put on a great event. My boyfriend (a partially converted EE fan) was very impressed as well. He thought it was great that the team would do something like that.

We were a little annoyed by all the chatter during the Q & A period as well. We were sitting upstairs and could hear the conversation one woman was having more clearly than the answers given by the panel.

Overall, it was a great time. It was nice to see Bob and Scott and even the new commissioner milling about and chatting with the fans.

I too thought is was a great night and very well organized and professional.

Though I was expecting at State of the Franchise Speach. When I asked as question about the 5 year vision of the team, and expanding the brand and fan base to surrounding communities like southern Ontario. The panel skirted around the anwser.

Don't get me wrong I loved the night and what they did, but I wanted answers to where we are at and the vision of where we are going and really didn't get anything other then I should "speak to the comissioner of the league" and "we are looking into that"

The lack of respect the crowd at the back showed the panel was simply rude.

I hope this becomes and annual event, but with more emphasis on the State of the Franchise. Let us know how we did on the bottom line, what the vision and plan is to make things better in the up coming season and the vision of the future.

If we are the owner's too we need a Annual General Meeting to stay joke but in a way I'm serious.


Annual General Meeting, hmmm, sounds a tad too business like for me as a fan of a sports team, but who knows, might be good.
Is it really possible in today's day and age of technology to have anything meaningful past a 2 year vision? I don't know. One thing to be aware of is that if Toronto were to get an NFL franchise soon, and I doubt it this will happen, well, any visionary plan might go up in smoke faster than you can say lookout. I do think that the commissioners of the CFL and NFL need to think hard about this and make some formal announcement at some point although maybe this is pie in the sky dreaming. In the meantime though yes, some expanding the brand and getting more fans on board the Cats/CFL bandwagon would be great.

Great jesture by Bob Young and the senior management team to envite the fans to hear the people who make the decisions. I was disgusted by the lack of respect the group directly in front of the bar at the rear of the room.

Good thing I was drinking water. I had the need to the people to shut the $#*! up. Anyways, I hope those brain deads read this thread. Ya you know who you are.

Bring on the camp and let's watch what should be a very intertaining season. Oskee Wee Wee........

Which players were at this event?

The ones I talked to were: Gagne-Marcoux, Bauman, McKay-Loescher, Morreale, Lumsden, Donnelly, Radlein, Hudson, Dunbrack, and Ralph. I know there were more guys than that, but I didn't go out of my way looking for them.

Beveridge, Kornegay, Cox, Lumsden and Hitchcock were there too. I think Butler was there too, but I'm not positive about that.