Kick off bash

I went to the link in the front page article to reserve tickets for the kick off bash and it told me the tickets were sold out. Is that right? The tickets were available today at 10:00am and by 10:15 when I happened to go to the link they were listed as sold out. Has anybody else tried to get tickets for the kick off bash?

Yes, indicates sold out to me as well. Maybe they'll move it to the main theatre?

I got my tickets right at 10am and the site was actually lagging.. so I think there must have been a pretty high demand right at 10am.

I keep popping back online to see if any have become available or if there is word of a change in venue.

How about it team, we all want to come and here from the team!!!! :lol:

Seeing how the event is next week I cant see how a change of venue is possible.

Try phoning in, I know they went quick, but there may be a couple available via phone call

Yes…the system was very slow and when I finally did get in…SOLD OUT! :cry: :thdn:

I was lucky enough to get mine. Who else is going??

No problems here. :thup:

I Guess if you have to work during the day your out of luck trying to get on a computer to get tickets. they could've told us that the venue was limited in size. oh well when they send my renewal for 2008 maybe i'll just mark sold out and return to sender

whats going on at this 'kick off' thing?

The cattmann will be there as usual.

I can understand your frustration, 1tccat, but don't go off the deep end over this. The venue is small compared to Ivor Wynne Stadium and the hype for the team right now, is greater than ever, so its not inconceivable, the the tickets went fast.
I didn't get any either as I was in the hospital getting a shot of cortisone and when I got home, they were gonzo!
I would hope that if they do this again, they put it in Copps Colliseum and charge a small amount of money for tickets, if necessary.

Seeing that the Studio Theatre at Hamilton Place only holds up to 325 people and the Ticats had 18,000 or more season ticket holders last year, perhaps a webcast of the State of the Franchise event on would whet the appetite of the fans who did not or could not get tickets today.

Earl and I will be there! :slight_smile:

Wow...sold out. What a great event. I cant go, work always gets in the way, but wish I could. I can see why some are upset they cant get tickets but at the same time it is the first time the Cats have done this so its tough to determine what the demand for an event like this would be im sure. Nothing like renting a venue with a huge capacity only to have very few that come out.

Hopefully, this will become an annual thing.

I agree whoknows. I didn’t get tickets but think that holding an event like this in a sort of non-traditional building like a theatre, compared with say Gage Park, does add a touch of class and glamour to the organization.

We have enough “Gage Parks” (beautiful park BTW) with our games at IWS anyways. :wink:

Awesome!! We look forward to seeing both of you :thup:

Yep will be there Two..

I'll be there!!!