Kick Off after Field Goal

I think the option to take the ball at the 35 after a successful field goal takes away from the CFL game. Lets take that option away. My reasons are as follows:

  1. the kickoff return can be one of the most exciting plays in football.

  2. in a game the is close where a field goal and TD are required to tie or win it takes an option away from the team that is losing. ie. in montreal the cats could have tried an onside kick and might have retained the ball. This would have at least gave them an opporutnity to win.

Got to agree.- the last play (onside kick, was executed perrrfectly, to bad they ended up a bit short- go Cats GO

I like the option to be kept.

I prefer to see our offence come out and get to it from the 35 yd line .

I find that in the CFL we kick too frequently,punting that is, with only three downs.
While a kickoff is an exciting play ,I’d still rather see our offence come on the field and run some plays ,complete some passes etc…my $.02

Taking the ball at the 35 is also a time-saver. On a kickoff, the clock starts at the moment of the kick, and good coverage can pin you deep in your own zone. As well, if you don't have a good return team, taking the ball at the 35 gives youbetter field position.

The rule does not need to be changed. The Cats return team needs to be improved.(for many years) It is almost automatic that we accept the ball on the 35. That is not playing with confidence.

I agree. Remove the option of taking the ball at the 35 yard line. After a team scores a field goal, they return the ball to the other team with a kick-off which is more exciting. They have the opportunity to pin the other team deep in their own zone. The receiving team has the opportunity for a big gain on the play.

Make it the 25 or 30 and you'll see more teams take the kickoff...

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