Kick Noel Thorpe in the A$$!

I hate the soft zone stuff that Thorpe runs. I would call for him to be fired, but there is no way his buddy Maciocia will do that.

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Yeah, zero chance of Maciocia tying a can to the guy he brought in to replace Miles.

But it's hard to argue that the D has looked much worse since Thorpe took over. I am trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, because he seems to be installing a new system with different terminology and that is extremely hard to do in the middle of a season, without training camp and preseason games to iron out the issues. But man, at a certain point, we have to be able to stop people. Ottawa was playing on a short week; we should have feasted on their offense the way we did against SSK. Instead, we let the game come down to a dropped Ottawa pass in our end zone. Not good.

Thorpe is the second worst defensive coordinator the Als have had in the last 20 years (the worst was Reinebold).
His defences SUCK! Maciocia the GM and HC should be FIRED RIGHT NOW for bringing him back!