Kick Noel Thorpe in the A$$!

Yep. Sad but true. I don't see anything better than 5-13 and every chance, in fact, that we'll end up 4-14.

What is sad is that the Stamps could start their second team and probably beat the Als.
Hopefully those two games are not blow outs.

The more blowouts, the better IMO. That way, there is nowhere for the Wetenhalls to hide, no rationalizing, no blather about the team moving in the right direction.

They must be forced to assess EVERY ASPECT of football ops under the harsh light of scrutiny.

One would think. But in light if how the season has gone, the excuse that could be used is :

The Stamps are running away with the league this season. No one can beat them thus hard to evaluate based on these two games.

True, but if we drop our remaining games this season, it will be very difficult for them to discount the losses to Calgary, especially if they're blowouts.

We can only hope.

Lack of speed all over the roster
Lack of Mental toughness Trenches
Lack of "brotherhood"
Lack of Discipline: Receivers
Lack of talent:
Lack of depth : Running Back, defensive line
Lack of experience: Quarterback position
Lack of stability: Head Coach
Lack of infrastructures: Will take more than rearranging the chairs
Lack of scouting results

I would not blow things up but it will take a lot of hard work, time and money to cleanup that list.

Look at the Lions and Bombers and how they have managed to turn things around in the past year.
Granted Wally is running the show with the Lions.

It can be done but as you said, will take allot of hard work.

If Chap gets the HC job next year, I have a feeling he'll strongly encourage a 4-3:

Par contre, quand on sonde l’entraîneur-chef Jacques Chapdelaine, il n’hésite pas à dire que l’option d’un système 4-3 l’intéresse.

« Définitivement. Mais il faut dire qu’avec les blessures, ce fut parfois difficile de déployer les joueurs désirés quand on le voulait. Jusqu’à la fin de la première demie, la défense nous avait permis de rester dans le match même si l’attaque avait manqué d’élan », a relevé Chapdelaine qui a conversé avec Thorpe pendant l’entraînement.

Even if Thorpe/Chapdelaine wanted to play a 4-3, with Klassen injured there is not another legitimate DT anywhere on the Roster/Practice Roster. Ray Drew`s background seems to be DE.

This is terrible roster management by Popp. We can say they shouldnt have cut Martin, but maybe they felt he couldnt do the job even in a 4-3. But at least have some options.

And awhile ago Bolduc said that they might have gone with an International LT but that no one impressed enough in training camp.

Thats why its difficult for me to continue to be a Popp supporter. And yesterday Lue turning out to be a wasted draft pick.

We had Martin! Say what you want about Popp but he went out and signed Martin. Then after two games, Thorpe decided to go full-time to a 3-4, which left Martin in the cold.

Sheldon, I am as critical of Popp's scouting failures as anyone but in this instance, I have to assign 100% of the blame to Noel Thorpe.

When Jim Popp drafted Andrew Lue in 2014, he never expected that Lue would miss 28 of the next 50 games. I can't blame Jim Popp for this selection in 2014. Since he was to be a free agent next February, might as well trade him for a fourth round draft choice in 2018.


Richard I respect your opinion, so I will ask your assessment of Popp the GM the last couple of years, and if you would like him to continue.

As you can see from my usual sarcastic posts I have one foot off the Popp bandwagon, but concerned there might not be a better replacement out there.

I do hope that Jim Popp will remain the VP of Football Operations/General Manager, Sheldon.


Care to share why ? Nothing in the last five years shows he deserves to.

I would hope that Popp is gone from the org in all capacities next year, but we'll see what happens. If he does come back as GM, well, I'll have to hope that this disaster of a season has shocked some sense into him and forced him to start recruiting again. He's been riding on his laurels for five years now and the chickens have come home to roost.

I am reviving this thread. Thorpe is useless! :rage:

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I support the action described in the thread title. :smiley:

Seriously, though, if Thorpe wants to be employed next year, he'd better get the defense up to speed fast. We can't keep giving up yards and points like this.

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Je me demandais pourquoi le titre n'était pas FIRE NOEL THORPE jusqu'à ce que je vois la date :rofl:

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At the beginning of his previous stint as Montreal DC, Thorpe used to run blitz-heavy defenses. Then he went into soft zone land and that's where he's stayed. Why, I wonder? Hasn't Chris Jones proven over many years that the most effective defenses, statistically, play aggressive man-press and send pressure often? You might get burned once or twice but on balance, you'll come out ahead

Maybe Thorpe doesn't trust the personnel he has to run an aggressive defense? I don't know. I do know that we can't keep letting offenses slice through us like Swiss cheese.