Kick Noel Thorpe in the A$$!

I think it was 2010 when we won our second Grey Cup. In the EDF that year, we eviscerated BC something like 50-20. I still remember Buono furiously yelling at Benevides (the DC) on the sidelines after yet another MTL touchdown, like whatever scheme Benevides was running did not meet his approval in the least. The next year, they started 1-5, as slant noted, but then won the Grey Cup once Wally took charge. :thup:

Yeah he was very much like Mathews. Except without the booze, profanity, women and bikes. God love him.

Buono is about god, family and production.

Before every game his eldest daughter comes to him on the bench, gives him a kiss on the cheek and gives him an inspirational message. Sheesh.

He's been fortunate to always , or always choose, to live in the community where he works.

Old School gets a bad rap. But like cliches they become " old and accepted" because they hold some truth and reality to them.

His acquiescence to new school this TC was to give players a break to go check their I-phones every couple of hours!

He also has great respect for Popp btw. Hence the ease of trades.

I have no problem with booze, profanity, women, and bikes. Or family and production for that matter. To each his own. The essential commonality was that old-school honesty, the refusal to make nice if making nice meant compromising the on-field product. And I think that's why players would go through a wall for Matthews, and still do for Buono. :thup:

So like Mathews, but boring...

Un des problèmes de Thorpe s'appelle Jim Popp. Qu'on le veuille ou non, Popp n'est pas un véritable entraîneur-chef, et comme coordonnateur défensif, Thorpe a besoin d'un entraîneur-chef. Il a besoin de quelqu'un de redevable qui le rendra redevable. Par contre, j'ai remarqué au cours de ces 4 années que le système de Thorpe prend toujours quelques parties à s'installer. Je m'attends donc à ce qu'il se mette au travail pour amener son unité au bon niveau de rendement, et surtout, qu'il soit capable de contrer les 2ièmes et long.

Ça fait 3 ans que Thorpe fait fonctionner son système. Tout le monde le connaît. Il n'aura pas le choix que de renouveler certains concepts et en introduire de nouveaux.

Off-topic a little, but have to completely disagree on old #39 Buono, who despite retiring was unable to let go of the Head Coaching gig.

He hired both Benevides and then Tedford, but set them up to fail by such things as hovering over them sitting on the roof of the practice field. Players were never sure who the real boss was.

And generally a GM gets 2 cracks at hiring a successful head coach before walking the plank himself.

First of all, you have no evidence that he set them up to fail. Do you have hard evidence from players that they didn't know who their real boss was?

He fired Benevides because Benevides was incompetent. Tedford wasn't fired, he resigned.

And the ultimate point in Wally's favor: disagree with his methods all you want, but he was right. When he took the reins from Benevides in 2011, he led the team to a Cup. Now he has his Lions at 2-0 after two tough road games. So what are we going to do? Argue that Wally isn't a nice guy, or acknowledge that nice guy or not, the dude knows how to run a football team?

This is why I've never liked Popp as a head coach. He doesn't have the coaching background to hold his assistants accountable.

Just to be clear. Buono was the head coach through 2011. Then Benevides was HC for the next 3 years. Then fired as the team regressed each year. Tedford was then hired and quit after 1 year. He was largely considered a disaster and most feel he was "allowed" to quit. Then this year Buono is back on the sidelines.

Most close to the team agreed that Buono had great difficulty keeping out of the HC kitchen during the 4 years he was just the GM.

I stand by my point that GM Buono loomed large and was unable to let go of the Head Coach handle. Vancouver reporters often wrote of this, that`s how I learned about how he watched practices.

I will certainly give him credit though for finding and developing QBs.

Yes it was generally accepted by those close to the team that Buono had great difficulty staying away from interfering with the HC during his 4 years away from the sideline.

[i]And Thorpe does not get off easy! He had a good game plan that worked in the first half. This despite the one time he rushed 3, Hamilton converted a second and long easily! IT DOES NOT WORK! Stop using it dammit!

When shovel face adjusted in the second half, Thorpe was out to lunch! :roll:

We got beat by a QB who is so mistake prone, it is laughable. Masoli should walk along the field giving out gift baskets! This guy is always a throw away from giving the ball up. Thorpe made him look like Tom Brady in the second half!

Kick Thorpe in the ass! Better yet, fire him.[/i]

You got it, Johnny, We got our b*tt kicked by an offense run by Jeremiah Masoli. Just wait until we face a first string QB like Ray or Reilly. It will hurt.

[i]Thorpe never got off Johnny's "kick in the ass" list!

Yes, the defence played a few good games, because PLAYERS WERE BUSTING THEIR ASSES! Not because of the schemes.

Thorpe's defence CANNOT GET OFF THE FIELD.




Noel Thorpe should be let go after this season. He should NEVER be Als head coach. :cowboy:

[i]Thorpe's insignificant bag of high school football tricks was destroyed by Khari Jones and Wally Buono tonight!

Yes, a CFL OC with guidance from his HC ( a HC who can actually oversee his coordinators, what a weird and NON ALOUETTES philosophy... :roll: )

KHari Jones and Buono made Thorpe their b*tch tonight! It looked so effin easy for the BC offense to run over, or pass right through Thorpe's high school defence.


Wally's assistants know damn well that if they eff the dog on their jobs, he will not be happy and he will take action. He has no compunction about stepping in and overruling his OC or DC if he feels something is wrong. That's why he is one of the greatest coaches in the CFL. He has the football acumen to step in and make changes, in-game if necessary. You can see how much of a difference it's made for Khari Jones to have a seasoned pro like Buono to guide him.


His stupid 3-4 defense allows the other team to march down the field consistently, and have the ball forever. It cannot stop the run, pressure the QB, or stop opponents on second and long! His rush 3 crap NEVER works, but HE KEEPS doing it! :roll:

Thorpe is a high school level coach with a very limited bag of tricks.

After today’s game, Maas is probably relieved that he could not steal Thorpe from us! [/i]

That's why I didn't like cutting Vaughn Martin, had Brouillette injured himself it would have been even worse. I could go along if his defense wasn't so bad in second and long. Anyway soon this will be another lost season in the history books.

Well, at the time I defended cutting Martin, but I will admit that I was wrong. The problem wasn't Martin per se, but the fact that Popp and Thorpe, yet again, were not on the same page. Popp goes out and signs a Canadian DT in the offseason to play alongside Cash. Two games in, his DC decides to go to a 3-4 which basically renders Martin superfluous. Bad ju-ju.

I could go along if his defense wasn't so bad in second and long. Anyway soon this will be another lost season in the history books.
The second and long stuff is reason enough for him to be fired. Year four of his defense and it's the same problem over and over again. I actually don't think Thorpe puts much work into changing his schemes. He just runs the same crap and doesn't evolve. And his decision to go to a 3-4 was a huge mistake. We used to be excellent against the run; now, we're atrocious, and it's a significant factor in our inability to win time of possession. When you're bad against the run, you're on the field for a LONG time. And last night, we couldn't stop the pass either, as has been the case too many times this season: against BC (twice), Ottawa (twice), Toronto (once), Winnipeg (once), and Hamilton.

For all the offensive struggles, if you look up our performance on defense most games this year, it's been unimpressive.

Really sad that we likely aren't even going to finish at 6-12, which was last year's record.

Do not see a 6-12 record. Two against the Stamps, one against the Riders who look a little better of late and one against the Cats who have made several personnel changes.

They will be lucky to finish 5-13.