Kick Noel Thorpe in the A$$!

[i]That's right, kick Noel Thorpe right in the ass! It's only the second game, so Johnny won't start a Fire Noel Thorpe thread this quickly. Besides, who would replace him? :roll:

But Thorpe needs a swift kick to the ass! He again used that useless rush 3 and drop 9 into coverage bullcrap tonight! He got burned twice for touchdowns! Okay, one of them was called back because Popp won a review that showed offensive pass interference. But still, the play failed! That fudging 3 man rush NEVER works! But the fool keeps using it :roll:

This is year 4 of his defence. He cannot fix the same problems that have plagued it since year one! Again he gets torched on second and long, over and over again!

Also tonight, he could not generate any pressure on the QB or stop the run. If a DC cannot generate pressure or stop the run with this front 4, and these linebackers; he is in the wrong line of work! He got schooled by Jaime Elizondo OF ALL PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!! :roll:

KICK NOEL THORPE IN THE ASS!!!!!!! :cowboy: [/i]

I don't like Thorpe, frankly. His bag is pretty limited and as you say, he keeps on doing what's not working. Year 4 of his defense and we have the same issues. With a guy like Vaughn Martin in the middle, we should NOT be getting carved up on second and long. Let him walk in the offseason if that's what he wants. He'll never have a more talented bunch of players to work with than he does here.

Elizondo owned Thorpe last night. From the stands we could see how open some of the receivers were, there was no one around them on some of those game changing long yardage plays. And the formations he would use to allow yards after the catch were impressive. Not to mention, he established a functional running game against a team that historically is stingy in that department. I had the sense that he was toying with the Als defense.

If Thorpe can’t figure Elizondo out the next time we play Ottawa, he doesn’t deserve to be the DC.

[i]Exactly! He's out of his league. Johnny is starting to think the partial success of the defence the past 3 years is mainly due to the quality of the players, and that they could be much better with a better defensive coordinator.

In comparison to Tibesar and Reinebold, who were both truly awful, Thorpe is adequate, but still limited. Certainly not great or exceptional. [/i]

Yep. Thorpe is OK but I don't see any progression in his system. In year 4 of his defense, with the group of players we have, we should be absolutely handing it to other teams, especially at home. But the defense got humiliated last night by a team playing its second game in five days!

At year's end, I would let Thorpe walk (if he wants out) or fire him (if he doesn't). He hasn't evolved as a coordinator and he obviously has no loyalty to anyone but himself.

I think you have to blame Popp why would you want to keep him after the Edmonton signing . Popp was being lazy or just felt he couldn't find a replacement . Either way it's Popp that wears it when the employee wanted to leave .

The reason why is: Thorpe was trying to leave way too late in the hiring season, when we had already committed to running his defense and when it would have been virtually impossible to find a good candidate to replace him.

I don't see how Popp wears the employee leaving. Coaches leave organizations all the time. Should Hufnagel "wear" Rick Campbell becoming Ottawa's head coach? Or Rich Stubler leaving to become Toronto's DC? A signed contract is a signed contract and Thorpe had no valid escape clause. He didn't even have the courtesy to approach Popp before trying to flee. He was stopped by Orridge from leaving and he's here now. Case closed. And if he's smart, he'll put all his energy into doing a good job. A bad year for Thorpe means he's reducing his own value on the job market.

Yes but Orridge did that on Montreal's behalf . Popp should have shown him the door to Edmonton was open .
Popp should have said see yah and went in a different direction there was still time to get a new DC .
Would you keep him I know I wouldn't and I found it strange they act like nothing happened .

I guess they stayed together for the kids

No, there was no time to hire someone good. And with the turnover on offense, Popp at least wanted stability on defense. Which I totally understand.

As for whether you would have kept him or not, it's beside the point. Popp did and it's a valid business move. Next offseason, when we have time to conduct a job search, it's a different story.

I get your point but I would never keep someone disloyal no matter what time whether off season or during the season .

The organization has some good bones but you need to get rid of the ones who are not committed to the Als best interest .

Popp who I think is a good recruiter except for the PR stunts needs to go back to his main job and leave coaching to someone else .

The important thing on that play in the context of this discussion is the the interference was not the cause of the touchdown ... the play simply beat the defence and a random stupid play be another receiver saved Thorpe's derriere,

Exactly! :thup:

Good systems improve over time. Our D has regressed since Thorpe took over. That's not a great sign. You put a Steinauer or a Mark Nelson at the wheel of this defense and I think we are a dominant unit.

Popp needs to start acting like a head coach towards Thorpe! It’s time that Popp sat down with him and told him that his prevent defence rush 3, drop 9 into coverage doesn’t work. He needs to TELL him to scrap it and come up with something else that will work. The HC has to override his coordinators when they are screwing up with the same crap.

BINGO. This, right here, is why Popp is not a good or real head coach. THIS is where a real HC would put the kaibosh on his coordinator doing something idiotic. This is where a real head coach would step in and say, "I don't care how much you like that three-man rush, Noel. It's not getting results and I don't want to see it called on second and long anymore. Find another play package to get the stop or I'll find one myself." But because we have a figurehead HC, just like we did with Higgins and Hawkins, we lack that critical oversight.

Kent Austin routinely used to overrule Ken Miller in crucial game situations when he was HC in Saskatchewan. Trestman fricking called all the pass plays on offense. And Wally Buono, the Godfather of CFL coaching, has never been afraid to mix in and voice his displeasure if his coordinator is doing something stupid. Those are examples of real head coaches. Us? We've got Absentee Dad patrolling the sidelines...

I remember in Buono's last season as HC. 1-5 to start. Then won the GC. Before the season there was a story where he was being urged to give more authority to coordinators which he did. He was angry after yet another loss and was quoted something like..." Ok..we've done it your way. Now we are going to do it my way"

He benched Printers, created a new look tougher run game and a take no holds barred defense. And all without a headset! When asked once why no headset he said. " I don't need noise in my head. I need it clear to see and think. I know what I see. The plays and players have to reflect the philosophy"


He's such a funny guy. Tough, untouchable by the media in a way.

Andrew Harris...a great all around Canadian RB. And a chronic complainer,

About to enter into FA...whined about his role...his money.

Buono when questioned repeatedly about resigning him and hearing about his complaints through the media said..." Maybe he should get a job in a bank"

And let him go without a contract offer.

Yeah, he's delightfully old-school, the same way Don Matthews was. Love those tough old coaches, they took no crap from anyone and they actually gave real answers to the media.