Kick, Kick, Kick, Kick

That has been what we have done for the last 4 halves at home....kicked off EVERY time.....why not take the wind and the ball in the 3 rd with a lead and bury a team?
Not much confidence in our Offense, MB.....

Winnipeg had first choice in the 3rd.

Hamilton Fans must learn not to worry so much about Sandro and tell their team and coaches to start HAMMERING the other team on the score board with TD's and lots of them, let's get this team scoring more TD's than field goals and RUNNING the score up on the other teams we play, every team has for years RUN the score up on Hamilton it's High time that Marcel starts Running the score up on other teams and knocking a few starting QB's out of the game that will send a good strong message that Hamilton is a tough team and not one to take likely!!!


Winnipeg had first choice in the 3rd.[/quot

Then, who had th e choice in the first half? We have the best returner in the league, but we choose to kick every chance we get....

Winnipeg won the opening coin toss and deferred their choice to the second half. Hamilton chose to defend the east endzone to start the game, and Winnipeg then chose to receive the opening kickoff.

You'd have to ask the Cats why they'd let Winnipeg have both the wind and the ball in the first quarter, but I think it might come down to the position of the sun. During the first quarter, the sun is heading down toward the horizon but isn't yet hidden behind the scoreboard at the west end. This means that receivers for the team defending the west endzone will be forced to look back into the sun a lot when they are trying to catch the ball. By the time the Cats are defending the west endzone in the second quarter, the sun becomes less of an issue as it dips behind the scoreboard on its way to the horizon.

They chose to play against the wind in the first quarter because the 2nd quarter (and 4th) is longer due to the way the clock stops in after the 3 minute warning. Teams do that so they play with the wind longer.

In Winnipeg we took the wind in the first and third quarter. In the 2nd and 4th quaters the clock stops during the final 3 minutes giving the team with the wind more opportunity timewise. I say, always take the wind in the 4th when the game is on the line. Glad to see Marcel take the wind in the 2nd and 4th quarters.

With a lead at half time....14 to 0...and a great returner, I'd rather take the ball and the wind in the 3 rd and bury them......

tommyboy is right this is a no brainer

i dont think it matters u gotta score peroid wether uve got the wind or not the sun blah blah blah i think they chose to defend in the first quater because the previous 2 games thiggy returned the ball for tds off opening kick and we lost both games so maybe it was superstitious

you're rite on tommy,you go girl!!

"Not much confidence in our Offense" Well, that's your point of view. Me? I view it as "a whole lot of confidence in our Defence" . It's a glass half empty, half full kinda thing.


The fact is, no other team willingly gives up the ball like we choice....

If you take the ball on your choice, we will still get the wind for half the game.......

The wind didn't play a factor in our loss to Calgary, but one fewer possession (by choice!) sure did.....

When you have a bad punting team, it is wise to be kicking with the wind in the 2nd and 4th quarters.

With our kickers so far...I would avoid any kind of kick at all costs... :wink: