Kick for a million.

What ever happened to that?

It quietly went away

Aside from the first year miracle, there was never one contestant who came anywhere near making a kick at any distance. It seemed to be all nerds entering the contest. I don't recall any of them being athletic to any degree. There was never any excitement to the whole contest.

sure wish they had that when I was 15-40 years younger.

my biggest problem would have been stage fright.

Don’t be self-conscious about it - it happens to all guys at some point


Not true. A lot of prizes were won just no one close to being able to kick the 50 yarder.

From what I heard the problem was they started putting restrictions on contestants, if you had played football or soccer at any level you were ruled out. They ended up selecting guys that had never kicked a football before, and it was brutal to watch.
It’s not like sliding a hockey puck to a little opening in the goal - anyone can do that young or old, male or female or throwing up a basketball up under or over arm.
Trying to get a football in the air over 10 yards if you have never kicked one before is impossible, even if you are selected a couple of weeks before the finals and you start practicing.

The more obvious it became that the 50 yarder was never going to happen again the appeal was lost. Like you mention in your examples slim at least you have a chance of getting lucky with those no matter who you are but not the kick.

Exactly. It was in the contest rules. You also weren’t allowed to practice on your own before the kick. They had that practice session with a CFL kicker, and that was it. The whole thing was rigged to be impossible after the first guy did it.

How could they enforce that?

Did they also forbid you from stretching, or buying new shoes?

If they really wanted to, they could hire a private investigator to keep an eye on your movements and watch for you kicking footballs. I doubt they actually did that, but it was in the rules later on.

Unless they spent a lot of money to investigate your life to find out if you played football or soccer before..

if you just said "no" they wouldn't know any better.

They could always hire someone to break your legs before the contest.

Or… they could always hire Lucy to hold the ball. :slight_smile:

as for practicing on your own, a smart person would practice as soon as they entered the contest right up until they were picked.

I’m gonna guess that the odds of being picked might have been somewhere between 1 in 10,000 and 1 in 100,000. It’s tough to find the time or motivation to actively prepare for all eventualities with such low odds of occurring.

if you are going to enter, you should be serious about it. Why would you want to take a chance of being picked only to flop?

beside, I find it fun to practice, except I haven’t done it in a while.

I don’t know about that!
I have season tickets at the Crapdome,
Other then the first guy who won, then there was the small print controversy over 20 years remember that?
There were a lot of stiffs who missed the vast majority of the very good yardage prizes.

Don’t recall if everyone made a kick but I do remember one who made the 20 and 30 yarder and I believe one won the car. There was, if you really choked, the 1 000/yard if you missed the 50. Nice consultation prize but it’s no fun when you know you’re only going to get the consolation prize.