Kick For a Million

Is the Kick for a Million contest not on this year?

Yeah WTH??

Didn't realize it until you brought it up. Surprising.

Maybe because nobody has come close to winning it since the first year.

It's funny that you started this thread as I had just had the same thought yesterday. I'm guessing they figured it was getting a bit stale. Advertising dollars vs return and they probably didn't see it so they cancelled it.

Is Wendys still a sponsor?

probably doing to do a Wendy's PASS for a Million.

have to throw a ball through a tire from 30 yards away, while it MOVES!

:D :thup: :rockin:

Friday nights yes

If I am having a lazy evening watching the game at home, it i the only time I really eat fast food…and yes, it is Wendy’s…because of their sponsorship


Guess I don’t need to practice anymore then. I’m over 40 yards now.

I always had a strong leg and could hit from pretty far with relative ease…not sure if I ever would have had enough loft to consistently make it over the line’s head though


Good Idea!!! They could have it at half-time of a B.B. game,who ever wins…gets to start the next game for them!!!

:cowboy: :lol: :wink:

Darn, it was my year!

I was cursed every since I critiqued one of the contestants and then he came on the boards and gave me hell hah.