Kick For A Million Contest

Is it coincidental that the final four of ballots drawn are always 4 guys with some atheltic ability?
Is there some kind of kicking contest held to be in the final four?
Or do they just draw ballots?
If thats the case, what if they drew the names of four aging grandmothers?
Or people with zero atheltic ability?
Is it luck or is there some kind of a competetion to get your name in the ballot box?

Inquring minds want to know!

...not sure how that process is handled, but eating at Wendy's automatically makes you non-athletic

Here you go: You can read the rules for yourself. Whether you believe they follow the rules is another story but, personally, I don't see why they wouldn't - not good for business and dealing with regulators ...


people who think they have a chance are probably going to try a lot harder to get entries than an 80 year old grandmother, don’t you think?

Not really.
I’m sure alot of people who couldn’t kick a ball five yards put their names in.
Thinking they have no chance to win.
But what if they do get drawn?
Are they not allowed to compete?
Looks fishy to me.

I would think that they aren't just doing a random Draw.. as they say.

you can say all you want that it's a "Random Draw"

but in the back of your mind you know that isn't the case because the last thing that TSN and the CFL and Wendys wants is some 80yr old Grandma on their TV who EVERYONE knows won't get it.

they probably do a litttttle research first.

But if it goes 12 yards you get 12 grand. If you can stand up without falling over, go for it.

Why does every thread end up being all about the Bombers? :lol: :lol:

Actually TSN likely does want a grandma, having to pay out that million several years in a row would boost the cost of running the contest (running it for X years is only based around the cost of handing out the million dollar prize once or twice, not X times).

It does seem strange that the contestants are always relatively young, fit men. But it's hard to assume anything nefarious out of that.

What are you guys talking about? 2 of the 4 contestants are in their 50's. If they were trying to "hand-pick" athletic types, do you not think they would pick all 4 guys who were in their 20's?

I'm surprised there's not more arguement over the fact that the 2 eastern contestants are from Ontario and the 2 western contestants are from Alberta.

If I got in there is no doubt I could hammer it from 50, or in my dreams.
Certainly winning some of the remaining prizes.
As for TSN, it is their insurance company that paid out the one time as they have no risk only the premium paid for the policy.

Well that’s just demographics. Ontario is far and away the largest province in the East, so the odds aren’t actually that bad to get two people from Ontario (it’d be more surprising to get none from Ontario). The Alberta one seems to be just luck of the draw, but it’s not like Alberta is a small province either.

I still think they need to change the contest.

get a little contest going. have all these people who think they can kick sign up and then they eliminate people and get 1 lucky finalist from every province and then start having quarter finals and semi-finals.

then you get a final. and then you know you'll have someone who may actually have a chance.

it's not much fun to watch some schmuck who we all know won't make it.

How much athletic ability do they have. One guy is an IT consultant and another looks like he lost his pocket liner.

what a stupid comment. Lots of fit people in all walks of life. I bet many in IT could out kick you. When I first started in IT, I could still kick 40yd fgs, and many in IT, even in their 50s are more fit than I was then.

change your name to voiceofhaventgotaclue.

Yea, they should look into having 1 rep from Ontario and then 1 rep from the East (excluding Ontario). That'll give non-Ontario residents from the East a better shot. Keep the 2 from the West format the same.

Maybe IT is a good place for you, obviously you have no sense of humour.

yeah..right...humour...sure..if you say so

I guess I should have added an lol, I just assumed that people would recognise a tongue in cheek remark. I am a firefighter, please feel free to utilize any of the stock stereotypes. I can handle it. :cowboy: