Kick for a Million Contest is Discriminatory

The "kick for a million" contest is discriminatory. It is unlikely that a woman could ever kick a field goal from that far. I'm sure there are some women who could, but the majority of women are just not strong enough.

Someone who is older or disabled wouldn't have much more of a chance either.

At least in hockey they have that stupid contest where you shoot a puck down the ice and try to get it through a hole that's not much bigger than the puck itself. The odds are probably just as good that someone could pull that off, but at least that contest doesn't discriminate. In theory, a person in a wheelchair could participate in that contest. It's more about luck than strenth or ability.


So what? 9 out of 10 grown men couldn't make a 50 yarder either. Obviously someone who is disabled would know ahead of time they can't kick it so why enter? I know a few women who could do as well as the guy last year did.

Honestly it's a great promotion for Wendy's and the CFL, it's not supposed to be an easy feat since you win a million bucks.

I would try it, but a 5 year old cold probably kick farther and higher than I could, LOLOL

Yeah I know a few girls who play soccer who could probably do that. It’s not like they have to pick apart a defense and throw a TD from their own 20. I’am sure some girls could do it.

That's exactly my point. The CFL is holding a contest that some of it's fans can't even enter. If I were a disabled person, I would wonder if my fan support is important to the league. Perhaps only one in ten grown men can make a 50 yard field goal, but that's one more than the zero of ten fans who have no use of their legs, for example. One in ten...very small chance to kick for a million...but still a chance. Zero in chance.

:roll: is discriminatory, deal with it....

....Wendy's is putting a million bucks at stake, I figure they can make up whatever rules they want based on that...

Wendy's is not putting a million dollars at stake. Contests like these are covered by an insurance policy. Wendy's buys a policy from an insurance company and if someone actually wins the million, the insurance company pays., correction then, Wendy's is putting up the money for the million dollar insurance policy, they can make up whatever rules they want....

You heard it here first folks!

RedandWhite has coined the new motto for the CFL fan:

"Life is with it."

So if you're older, or disabled, etc etc.... too bad if the league has a contest which you shouldn't bother to enter. Deal with it.

But by no means should any one team EVER kick a field goal with no time left when they are already winning by quite a bit. That is just mean.

Oh my god the political police have gone rampant again!

I'm a retired old geezer. Gee whiz life is tough, boo hoo I guess I don't have a shot. But the sun will still rise tomorrow. Guess what, I will be so thrilled if some 22 year old woman soccer player knocks it through for a million bucks. I wont be bitter.

Thats the trouble with the world these days, we've become so political correct we hurt ourselves more than we do good.

University is discriminatory against stupid people, lets all make a fuss about that next.

It would be discriminatory if they said "this contest is only open to white men aged 18-34." They're not, its open to anybody. So, its not discriminatory.

By your logic, I should cry about how unfair it is that people who play football have an advantage over me because I've never kicked a field goal before. waaah.

It’s open to anybody, so I hope that the four “randomly picked” people are as follows:

  1. a quadriplegic
  2. a visually impaired person
  3. a 90 year old woman
  4. Troy Westwood

What would the CFL/Wendy’s do then?

...amen Sporty, amen.... with it, it's a good motto to live by dartagan, try it sometime and you'll see your whining will decrease exponentially...

And I hope Mrs Sportsmen wins me that big Plasma TV!

I will give her a big hug and thank her!

I vote that next year it should be the “Wendy’s Rubics Cube for a Million.”

Then I can sit in my wheelchair and participate. go girl...

That discriminates against the color blind, which ironically is a much more common condition then paralysis that leaves you unable to kick a football.

(Even more amusingly, the quadrapalegic from your earlier whine still wouldn't be able to participate, since its hard to twist a rubics cube with your tongue.)

then what do you expect a parapeligic to do? have a "no talking" contest for a million dollars?

the political correctness around here is too much.. if you dont have any legs, dont be a kicker.. it didn't stop this guy from playing football.

Only in canada where we can't do a damn thing wothout somebody screaming about rights.Women want to kick for a million start a womens league and find a sponser willing to put up the cash.And does it matter ,the guy that wins it will just have to hand it over to the wife anyways.