Kia Nurse & the UConn Huskies

UConn has a winning streak of 76 games in NCAA Womens Basketball which is the second longest in history. Only their previous 90 game victory span is greater than this current one. Their first game of the year was on Monday, and they barely beat #12 Florida State.

Chances of UConn going undefeated this season - 0%

Will UConn still win the National Championsip this season? If they do, the rest of the NCAA might as well concede any season in the future that Geno Auriemma is still the HC at Connecticut.

There is a good chance the winning streak will this Thursday when they play at home against #2 Baylor. If UConn somehows finds a way beat Baylor, there is almost no chance of them keeping their winning streak alive for another month since they will also play #20 DePaul, #8 Texas, and #1 Notre Dame within these next 3 weeks.

UConn is not a bad team. They are probably a top-10 team. However, they are nowhere near the dominating win-by-40-points-a-game team of the last 4 years that everybody expects.

In the opener, Kia Nurse was the starting point guard because Auriemma would rather have senior Saniya Chong at the guard rather than putting freshman Crystal Dangerfield at the point. Even though Chong played well in the 2nd half of the opener, one has to consider that her role in her first 3 years was little more than warming the bench. Team's best player is Napheesa Collier. Katie Lou Samuelson should be as well, but she still reminds of her older sisters who are basically skinny spot-up 3 point shooters.

Team started 3 guards, so they are not big enough to get rebounds or defend the low post. They don't shoot the 3 much either. Only Samuelson does that. I do like Dangerfield when she is in, but she is only 5'5".

Surprised that Baylor could not come closer to UConn. Broadcast mentioned that the last time UConn won 77 in row, they beat also beat Baylor for number 77. Player of the game for UConn was Crystal Dangerfield.

Game was effectively over with 1 minute left and UConn up by 10. Refs then called a flop by Kia Nurse as a technical on Alexis Prince.

Kim Mulkey seemingly was shuffling in players in and out based on a whim. There were times when she would take players out after one posession. Mulkey wanted to give playing time to her prized freshman recruits Lauren Cox and Natalie Chou, but they probably should have just stayed on the bench all night.

It is not a good sign when point guard Alexis Jones is your leading scorer. Nina Davis is supposed to be an All-American, but they don’t even run plays for her. Davis is what you call a garbage player whose game depends on picking up the scraps. Unfortunately for her, there was nothing left to pick up against UConn.

On Sunday against LSU, UConn jumped up to a 20 point lead in the 2nd quarter mainly by hitting 3's. Rest of the game was even as the margin never varied much. Samuelson likes shooting 3's and made them yesterday. Hard to say if Geno Auriemma was glad the team was willing to take the open 3 or that he was concerned they had to settle for a long jump shot because there was no other option.

Maybe everybody was wrong, and UConn is an elite team after all. Their streak is now at 83. Tonight, they played in front of a sold out crowd at #2 Notre Dame and win by 11. Gabby Williams’ play stood because of her hustle. On the other side, Arike Ogunbowale was contained, and Mariana Mabrey was a non-factor. Mabrey’s play was not much better than her sister’s who was there a couple of years ago but strictly came off the bench.

Maryland had the best chance so far this year to beat UConn. Katie Lou Samuelson was sick and threw-up during the game. Add to that both Napheesa Collier and Gabby Williams picking up their 4th personal in the 2nd half. Once that happened, Uconn had no interior defense as Maryland was able cut into a big lead but never got within 2 possessions.

Despite being ill, Samuelson made a number of big shots. Gabby Williams once again was seemingly always involved in the action even though she is not a skilled offensive weapon. Kia Nurse's role is being the on-court leader.

Next legitimate test for Uconn will be in February when they play south Carolina.

Agreed - Kia has superior leadership qualities but she's not a natural born shooter/killer. Funny, when she played for Team Canada at the Olympics she was relied on for her leadership plus her point-generating capabilities. With almost nobody else on Canada able to produce routine points Nurse basically burnt the candle at both ends and it showed in the results.

She's a tremendous athlete - not a rubber-faced phoney like Ronda Rousey or Eugenie Bouchard - so I hope she gets the same respect/money as wrestling ace Erica Wiebe - who's doing those Toyota commercials with Erica Gaylo & other hired actors. Wiebe is also taking WWE classes in Florida as Vince McMahon probably realizes you don't come across that many 5'9", 160 lb. athletes who can actually wrestle, have tremendous strength, are photogenic and have a fairly outgoing personality. Check, check, check & check!

Wouldn't surprise me if Vinny Mac brings Wiebe into the fold - where she'll initially have to suffer a massive dose of humiliation - cuz that's how McMahon gets his jollies - and lie down for most of the WWE divas she would otherwise break in half with a simple handshake.

Also understand McMahon is trying hard behind the scenes to bring disgraced MMA star Ronda Rousey into the fold. He better do it soon as Rousey's star is quickly dying.

Last I heard, former Alouette Brian Brikowski was accepted at the WWE Training Center. Not sure if he is still there or not though.

As far as UConn goes, I have not been following them much because the person who I normally watch the games with thought schoolwork & sleeping was more of a priority this year. But since it's the playoffs now, I guess sleeping is a little less important.

In the UConn blowout we saw from earlier today, Kia Nurse at one point outscored Syracuse something like 26 to 25. Game was over at halftime. I am surprised the winning streak is still alive. Their bracket is not a cakewalk like usual. Let's see if they can make it to the Final Four.

In a different game, Tennessee lost to Louisville. Not that Louisville is a bad team, it is just that the Vols have been consistently a disappointment. They have 2 of the top 3 High School players in the US from 4 years ago, and they cannot even get past the 2nd round. One of those players is Diamond DeShields whose father Delino played for the Montreal Expos. Diamond could very well be the 1st player picked in this year's WNBA Draft because she has so much talent, yet Tennessee was never an elite team with her there. DeShields' shooting percentage is too low, and she commits too many turnovers.

UConn was better than UCLA but while a win is a win, they are clearly not dominating as in year's past. Interesting game against Oregon coming up. Oregon is only a #10 seed in the region, yet they just beat Duke and Maryland to get to the Regional Final. Having the tallest team in the tournament probably is a factor as teams in the post season slow things down. How much further the Ducks go will depend on Freshman point guard Sabrina Ionescu. Frankly, I never expected her to be so good already at the college level. Matchup to watch for is how well Kia Nurse plays defensively against Ionescu. If Ionescu lights up the stats sheet, I would not consider a UConn win an automatic.

Ducks look like they will be a team to watch for in the next few seasons. They have come a long way considering it was only a short time ago when they were the worst team in the Pac12 with the wacky Paul Westhead as their head coach.

You're right, they're not as dominating as years past. However, it looks like they'll be undefeated again this year. Have only played a few entertaining games, with the majority being total blowouts. They're absolutely crushing Oregon as we speak.

I don't know what the solution, but I find it hard to follow a sport where one team is so extremely dominant. I find the same issue with Canadian mens college basketball with Carelton winning title after title, although they've been challenged significantly more than UConn has the past couple of years.

Yeah, the Oregon game was a complete blowout. It was over when the score was something like 21-4. Oregon had 17 turnovers in the 1st half. Two more chances left for the rest of the NCAA to beat them. Amazing as it sounds, UConn is getting some good players next year.

Some will say the UConn loss was one the biggest upsets in Women’s College Basketball. I actually think UConn overachieved this year. They only played 6 players at most, and that 6th player was a freshman point guard. That means the team had no depth at all and would be in trouble if any of their starters got into foul trouble.

Look at the starting unit. No center. Two combo forwards. One spot spot-up shooter. One complimentary guard. And unfortunately, one guard who is just not a championship-calliber player. They had nobody big who could clog the middle and just get a defensive rebound. Nor did they have a lockdown defensive point guard.

Usually, UConn just beats teams with the superior athletic ability of Williams and Collier. Today when that did not happen, each possession was a struggle. Not just because Mississippi State was able to defend the two either. UConn had no strong point guard or somebody who could be the floor leader.

At the end of the game, UConn looked like just another team with whose players wanted somebody else to make the big play.

111 wins in a row though. It had to end sometime - but has to be rough for the UCONN players to end in the national semi-final. Congrats to Mississippi State.

And good year in basketball for South Carolina with their women's team into the final and their men's team playing in one of the men's semis later today.

UConn Women's basketball fans are pretty spoiled. I'm sure as soon as the game ended, second-guessers were flooding their message boards with all the woulda's, coulda's, and shoulda's they could think of and directing them all at Geno Auriemma.

Congratulations to South Carolina for winning the championship. They even did it without Alaina Coates. Obviously, 1st-team All-American A'ja Wilson was the Player of the Game. Alisha Gray played well too. Solid player who is somewhat underrated. She is a guard but was playing power forward because of Coates' injury. When Gray and Diamond DeShields both left North Carolina, maybe it was Gray that was the bigger loss to the Tar Heels.