Khari Named CFLPA All-Stars Head Coach

Voted by the players.

So congratulations to Khari, and hopefully we get the contract extension announcement in the very near future.

Well deserved, probably the most meaningful award for a Coach.

Agreed … any award voted on by players has more legitimacy than one voted on by media.

I kept trying to make this point to other teams’ fans but it fell on deaf ears. I don’t think outsiders understand just how much KJ accomplished when you consider he took over AFTER EFFING TRAINING CAMP and with an organization in disarray.

The first job Khari likely save with what he accomplished this season is his Boss (Boivin).

Boivin can show a substantial improvement in the teams bottom line for 2019 and 2020 will improve on this with the boost in Season ticket sales. So really Khari gave Boivin two consecutive years improvement on the income side of the team’s ledger.

Good points.

I mean, I’m not taking anything away from Steinauer or Dickenson, but Khari has had unique and difficult challenges this year that should have put him more firmly in the COTY conversation.

I agree that he has had challenges and he’s handled them perfectly.
However he also had a golden opportunity passed to him and he’s also handed that beautifully.

He’s had no boss to answer to, he could let his personality shine through after 20 years of being a seemingly fairly boring guy.
He had a hungry club that used the us against the world mentality. A true band of brothers.
He caught lightning in a bottle with VA in many ways.

This perfect collision of events will never greet him again. Or maybe anyone else. Reminds me of Sean Payton and Drew Brees in New Orleans in many ways.

KJ was the equivalent of a B/U QB getting in and lighting it up all whilst saving a franchise probably…

I think the biggest takeaway in this is that often a coordinator will show better as a HC than as a coordinator. Rick Campbell is an example.

I really like how the CFLPA. really catorgorizes each player into the positions they actually play.
I like they included a FB. As it is a regular positions used in regular packages. The only thing they are missing is a 5th receiver as that is the main offenseive set. For every CFL team now.
I know it means having 13 guys as Offensive All Stars. But the FB/TE ate used alot in different regular sets as well

The CFLPA are close to perfection.
But id also like to see other special teams category added in. Punt returner & Kick Off Returner.