Khari Long tackeled by Ibrahim Khan on first Winnipeg TD.

I need some people who were sitting in the north stands to help me clarify that I indeed saw what I thought I saw on that first Winnipeg touchdown.

I thought I saw #94 Khari Long being thrown down by one Winnipeg player and then #60 Ibrahim Khan grabs him by the front of the shirt, slams him a few time, and if I am not mistaken, gives him a hand smack to the helmut. I thought for sure a fight was going to breakout and that a flag would be thrown, but that didn't happen. It seems that the officials were watching the pass Bishop was throwing for that first Winnipeg TD.

I have been able to verify some of what I saw on TSN's Video on demand, here:

[url=] ... clip222943[/url]

Go the 6:16 mark and watch the play, it is the play following the one where Bishop had that borderline fumble. As the play develops, watch Ticat #94, he is pulled down by I believe #65 Donnelly, and then #60 Ibrahim jumps on top of him, you can see that at the top left of the screen for a secord or so. What I need clarified is what happened after that, as I am sure it should have been a 15 yard major foul...

...which would have brought the ball back...forcing Winnipeg to punt 3rd and long...leaving the score at 0-0.

Not saying the refs are to blame for that debacle of a game, but, momentum is a huge factor in the CFL.

Actually it is right around the 6:58 mark, if you look top centre of the screen you can seen #60 falling on top of #94, grabbing him in the mid chest region and slamming him, but you don't see the altercation that followed.

on bishops borderline fumble. If it wasn't a fumble, shouldn't have been ruled as deliberate grounding as there was no reciever around the ball?

....almost as bad as the holding Gauthier was doing ....ALL GAME....and the horse collar on Jovon Johnson that wasn't called....ya see it's a slippery slope when you start going down the 'ol non calls' in a game... :wink:

I agree with you on the slippery slope papalooza, but what's different about this play is that, assuming I am to believe my eyes, I thought I saw this Khan throw some punches, or hand slaps or something, but it happened so fast, so I am asking for clarification.

Considering this is supposed to be our "safe haven" you know the drill!

I can't believe that no one saw this!

Deliberate grounding is only called when the pass does not cross the line of scrimmage. It's hard to tell in that clip where the line of scrimmage is, but it sure looks like Bishop dropped (i.e. fumbled) the ball as he was trying to draw it back to throw. He sure made some nice throwing motions after the whistle.

it wasnt a fumble all the arm has to do is move passed his helmet and he did, you cant impede the throw to be a fumble as a defensive player. also if the ball crosses the LOS than there is no flag and it did just do that and i do believe there was a receiver close by, the ball doesnt have to hit the intended receiver just look like he was intending for that player. but again it was your dline that knocked his arm so intentional grounding wouldnt work because there was no intent lol :thup: