Khari Jones

Hey Winnipeg fans!

I was just currious to know why was Khari Jones traded? He was the MVP a few years before so why would he be traded?

I heard that he wanted more money but they didnt want to give him money so they traded him

i could be wrong

he crapped the bed

he was doing bad and fans were fed up so they cut him loose and it was a good move too cuz look were he's at now not that any of the players from calgary are still with us except for Regimbald

you must have noticed the decline in his play ESA......his shoulder was hamburger and just never came back to what it was before the injury...

he chored, and not is a sideline reporter for CBC.

why is it when I think of Walby and his voice, the quote "Coin Toss? there is no Coin Toss, this is the XFL!" come to mind? :lol:

he was good, then he wasnt

well he got a lot of love from the bomber faitful, especially from us in section S!

Khari's biggest mistake was accepting the new contract Winnipeg offered him.
When he injured his shoulder, it was never given the proper rehab timeline... which in the case of a quarterback might be the entire season.
At the same time if I recall correctly, he was nursing a wonky knee and a minor muscle pull in his lower back.
Basically the guy was worked over and needed to be shut down, not rushed back into uniform.
So to no great surprise, his play declined.

Winnipeg found the quickest exit available to dump his contract, figuring they had the next Khari Jones in Kevin Glenn.
A couple of years later, the jury is still out on that one... although my vote is "not even close".

After that, Jones' career reads like a greek tragedy:

  • Things were looking ok in Calgary, then along came Henry Burris in the off-season.
  • Edmonton signed him, held onto him through the entire training camp, then cut him just before the start of the season; leaving Jones little or no hope at catching on with another team right away.
  • Hamilton signed him as a 3rd down tackling dummy, and never gave him a chance to get comfortable.
  • Edmonton? Yeah, thanks for nothing... twice.

Other than Calgary, which was a management decision on Burris (they could have used Jones last year for depth as they found out too late), Khari was not going to beat out Ray/Maas, McManus/Brady, Ray/Johnson who were all familiar with the respective offences. All were a bad scene for an older QB, who is a better starter than backup.

  • As a tribute to his character, Khari Jones has remained positive over the last few years of turmoil... a classy guy indeed.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Khari for a couple of minutes on July 1st in Winnipeg, while visiting with my cousin who works for CBC.
He certainly doesn't talk like a guy who's totally given up on a return.
Plus, anyone who can wear a full suit in 33 degrees, walk all the way around the field several times during the game, and not sweat a drop... must be in great shape still.
Perhaps next year in Ottawa?

i think winnipeg should give kahri a chance i heard talk of the bombers bringig him out of retirement hey atleast he can throw the ball quinn didnt look all that good seemed to have lack of expirience....if thers hope left for the bombers ..then why not get kahri back its worth a try and cant get any worse :thup: :thup: 8) :rockin:

i neva even knew he retired i don't think he did retire he's free agent isn't he its like doug brown with the newspaper making a life after football and most of these cfl guys have 2 jobs anyways but i could be wrong

i hope he comes back, considering he has proven that he can actually do something. But yeah, after that grey cup, nothing was the same with Khari, and he does have a known shoulder problem.

kharis gotta go