Khari Jones

The first two days at the Eskimos training camp were very difficult for Jones, he overthrew receivers and had high, slow, and wobbly passes. Most journalists and people who saw the TC sessions agree that he was severely outperformed by QB Steven Jyles and QB Jason Johnson. According to reports from, Jones seemed to be a lot more well rounded today(TC day 3), and performed as well as Jyles has thus far. Meanwhile jyles and johnson apparently struggled in today's session.

The questions is, Where do you think Khari Jones will end up this season?

I say he will end up Rays back up, but if he is cut, he is done for as far as the CFL goes and that mite spell the end of his football career as a player altogether.

Let's see what happens to him in the preseason, it should be interesting.

give him an assistant coach job already......cmon Hughie.....

I think the Jones will be backing up Ray when the season starts. Ive heard that he is doing better at TC, and hopefully that will continue right through until the start of the season. He could also be a player-coach,for the QBs.

I notice you didn't put "Eskimos starting QB" as one of the options. Don't you think he has a shot? :lol:

Seriously, I haven't followed the Esks training camp, but I'm guessing he'll be third-string. More of an assistant coach, who will help the young guys improve their game; maybe going in to hold on placekicks.