Khari Jones

Reports indicate that Khari Jones does not want to retire, and believes that he is totally healthy and has something to prove. Where do you all think he will end up, if anywhere at all? Rumour has it his agent is talking to Saskatchewan.

Come back to WPG!

Rumor has it he may come back to the Bombers

Khari should go to the Lions....there going to need QB support...
With Chief Printers gone...Bucky will be the starter by week three...and looking for back up...

I have to disagree with you Hankthetank. I think the lions have three capable quarterbacks and are not looking at Khari. jarius Jackson is an athlete and will compete for second string. The lions will find a fourth stringer out of the college ranks. He should either go to the Riders or Bombers. Where ever it is I wish him the best.

Sorry Hank, QB is the least of our worries. I bet Khari will end up in Winnipeg or Saskatchewan, or perhaps as the starting QB in Halifax for the 2010 season.

I agree why not get those rookies some playing time. When Hank went down with the Stamps people were saying the same thing. But why would you have these youngs in the line up if you are not going to let them play? Khari would not help by playing in the place of Buck or Jackson.

He's a proven vet, the lions wouldn't be rolling the dice on some rookie QB..
If the lion's don't improve there offensive line...they will need Khari and a six pack of rookies.

I have a feeling he'll sign with sask.

I can see Khari getting a shot in Saskatchewan. It would be a great comeback story. Providing his arm isn't dead.

Any chance Kahri Jones wants to back up Kerry Joseph in Ottawa? They share the same initials so why not the same offensive coordinator as well


I have to disagree. Ya BC needs help on their offensive line. But Buck showed great skills comng in for injurie, give him he exhbition ames to learn how to keep compsure in the pocket with pressure and he will be a great QB. Every quater back needs a chance to excel and putting another vteran QB infront of him prevents that, And Johnson has shown good skill and will fight for the chance.

As For Safari Jones Back in Winnipeg. I am not sure. He showed skills the first few seasons and then has fallen into a hole. I think Berry Will change the Bomber O and it might be benificial to Jones. But Michna is a goos up coming QB and needs his chance to excel just as Buck from BC does. and a new O migh mean new opportunity for Glenn. I think we gotta try ou Glenn and Michna also not to forget about Wynn, and if all fails have Safari Jones come back to the blue and gold.

That makes more sense.....Unless Edmonton re-signs him and Trades Danny Mac to Saskatchewan.

sask would not be that dumb to trade for a washed up qb.he had a great
career but needs to hang up his cleats.become a coach or something like for kj in sask i dont think that should happen the riders need a young qb not a old one.if we do go the old qb rout i think barret should be a player coach.he is younger than danny mac.