Khari Jones

So who else thinks that Jones had a fairly decent game. I mean it was his first game in how long? He scored liek our only points all game. I didnt see him throw an interception either (i might of missed one) But I mean I think he did quite well. And I think that he should start against BC. Next Week What do the rest of ya think? Brady wasnt getting it done. And I never thought he would. Mcmanus may still be injured next week (lets hope he is :twisted: ) I mean i dont like seeing a player injured. I just want to see Jones play a full game and hopefully prove himself.

It has been long time since Jones played as well as he did last night, he looks healthy and is far superior to Brady. IMO he should be starting ahead of McManus for you, who can now be your go to back up guy.

I was at the game and Jones looked quite good. He did throw one ball right into the hands of one of the Bomber defenders (which was dropped so no INT against Jones) but otherwise he looked quite solid. Definitely better than Brady and no comparison against McManus who I have never really though much of. McManus has more INTs in his career than TDs for crying out loud!

I think Hamilton's best chance of winning against BC is to have Jones start at QB.

If McManus can't play, Jones should start. He was the better of the two last night.

If McManus can play, McManus should start. When he was starting, we were in tight games against B.C. and Edmonton; since he's gone out, we've been blown out by Ottawa (admittedly a decent team) and WINNIPEG! :shock:

Last night was the first game this year that we lost due mostly to defence. The offence scoring 14 points should have at least still been in the game in the fourth quarter. But in the second half in Winnipeg the D looked like they weren't even there. Look at Stokes' touchdown: there were at least 4 missed tackles, and he carried three of our players the last five yards. There's no way a little guy like that should be able to do that.

Maybe Big Dave... ya' know... The Bombers aren't that bad a team.

If you ignore the games Tee Martin played we have actually been right in almost every game and have a 2-2 record. Too bad Martin hasn't lived up to the hype this city placed around him or we could easily be 4-4.

I think even if Mcmanus is in playing conditon. That Jones should still start. They need to give him a chance sometime. I mean Mcmanus is gonna be gone at the end of this year im assuming. But who knows with him. And were gonan need a new starter sometime soon. So I say put in Jones against what will be a tough BC team and see how he does. If he does bad then go start Mcmanus again next week. But start Jones sometime and let him play from start to finish.

start jones!!!

I'm just a little pissed....KJ's bounce pass to the wide side had become his trademark in Winnipeg....and I didn't see one......seriously....good for Khari and Kamau as well....maybe Halmiton is the place they get on track...

You can start who ever you want, Ticats chances of winning are slim and none, like the riders the ticats need to scout US QB's and get someone in with a view to next year.

The Ti-Cats will get a win sometime and then maybe a few more. Khari and Danny McManus would both help them and in their situation I'd likely use both of them when DM is healthy. You have to do something. There has to be more than just QB at issue when you are doing poorly.

Jones looks like he can still play and it was his first game for a while.

Jones is the man. Let him play and the Ti-Cats might start to have some consistancy and momentum. Oh.....except hopefully not against BC. :lol:

Khari...looked like the successful Khari the Bomber fans used to looks like his shoulder has come around and he could get a helluva' lot better for the Cats'....don't see that Brady is the answer for Ham.....and Danny better hang em up before he really gets hurt.....the TiCats should have done something in the off-season about thier QB. they have backed themselves into a cornor....

Yeah, Khari did look good and I still think you should start him over Brady. As for starting him over Danny. I'm not to sure on that. But Khari looked good and I personally think he should be the starting QB unless Danny can play and keep up the hard work. Doesn't look good for the Ti-cats right now, especially since they have B.C. next.

As much as i hate to say this I dont see us giving BC there first loss and giving ourselves our first win. But I still think That Khari needs to start I dont care if Mcmanus is 110 percent healthy Jones should start.

To play devil's advocate, doesn't anyone think that Brady got the short end of the stick in the Winnipeg game? He started off going 6 for 6, then misses a few long ones and out came the hook. Seems Marshall doesn't have any use for him, so if I was Brady I'd be looking to ask to be traded.


Aye, that's a good question. Montreal as a backup to learn under Calvillo? They may have some interest, Brady's best games in the CFL came against the Als a couple of years ago; Saskatchewan may also be in the market.

Hey Tiger-Cats fans never give up hope I seem to remember back in the 80's when Edmonton had Warrne Moon..........I think the Esk's were 8-0 played a 0-9 Riders and never can tell..........go Kitty-Cats..................

Hey Riderr fans how about this guy just might be the guy call Shiv right now!

huh? :shock: