Khari Jones

I wonder why the teams in the CFL soured on Jones so fast, as he did have a couple of great seasons in Winnipeg, esp that record year where they lost in the Grey fup to the Stamps. With all the qb problems in the CFL, why hasn’t any teams contacted him, as he cannot be any worse that some of the stiffs that have been around wayyyyyyyyy to long!

Its because he cant accurately throw to a receiver downfield. He routinely overthrows his receivers, which makes defending them easy. Just stay 5 yds behind his receivers, and Jones will throw the ball to the DB right in the numbers.

...unlike the stiffs he understood when he was done and won't be coming back now that he is in a broadcaster's sports jacket...

Khari's shoulder is shot. He knows he is done.
Sad but true.
Besides, he is the best new colour guy in some years working for CBC.
Stay in the booth Khari.....

It's very clear to me that a guy with mediocre stats, one great season, and a shoulder injury should not be a starter at this point.

Oh, were we talking about Khari Jones?
Sorry my mistake. I thought this was a Jason Maas thread.

Get Richie Williams in there....

...Khari WAS great when he played with the sure helped to have guys like Milt ...Arland Bruce.....Geroy Simon....and a few other top-notch receivers to chuck to... Jones' career was pretty well done when he injured his shoulder and i don't think he ever quite recovered mentally when the Bombers lost the Grey Cup to the he was 'supposed' to win.... :cry:


Your not talking about Damon Allen now are you??? :lol: :lol:

Khari can act like a QB!

Arius you are not serious about Khari being the best colour guy in recent memory on the CBC?
I find he is horrible, marble mouth.
Together with the other stiff Steve Armitage a couple weeks back, they butchered the game beyond repair.

Well, when limited to the CBC, and new guy status, he's probably right.

I dunno if this is sacreligious (sp???), but he used to be my favorite player...

I suppose you prefered Walby?
But I am absolutely serious, and I believe many people agree with me.
The only CFL colour guy I think is better right now is Suits. I may give Danny Mac time as it his first year, but if you want to talk about marble mouth...
And it isn't Khari's fault if they team him up with Steve "I haven't got a clue" Armitage....

Im sure Stevie Wonder could do better colour commentary than Walby...

Khari is 10x better, IMO