Khari Jones to BC

their new OC

Buono seems to like recruiting former B.C. players as coaches. Both Jones and Washington are former star players who have learned from some of the best coaches to become rising young coaches. Jones knowledge of Saskatchewan tendencies might help BC prepare better?

I hope we get another quarterback coach because Durant sure needs one

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Khari is a great guy, but I don't view this as a big loss at all. Cortez is going to assume the QB coach role, so I see this as an upgrade.

I strongly disagree that this is an upgrade. It is far better to let Cortez continue his roll as OC without added duties. He will not have as much time do dedicate purely to the QBs and I actually agree with Greenrider on this Durant does need a QB coach, it has shown that when he has someone who can be there to relate to him he does so much better IE, Crandall, Jones. Cortez has no clue what it takes to be a QB in the CFL as he has never been one. I think the Riders should STRONGLY consider bringing in someone as a dedicated QB coach.

No Clue?? Cortez bread and butter is working with QBs. It is something he has had a hand in his whole career. Further, I think Dave Dickenson would argue that he is a great QB coach. George was the QB coach in Calgary that brought Dave one of his banner good that the next season he was in the NFL. I believe Cortez played double duties while in Calgary.

The only issue I have with an OC being a QB coach as well is that they often sit in the booth, but Cortez is a sideline OC. The decision to not bring in another QB coach is likely an effort to stem some of Durant's continual transition of coaches. I can guarantee that DD was sat down and talked to before this decision was made. They will be working on a new contract for him this season, and will want to ensure he is included and comfortable with these decisions.

As for yet another pathetic shot by greenrider, the most pathetic 'fan' in existence of all of sports, every QB in every league will do better if they have a QB coach they mesh well with. Heck, every player in every league in every sport will do better with the right positional / personal coach.

Durant will be fine. After getting the monkey off his back about not winning the Grey Cup I think his confidence level will be pretty high. Yes its good to have a full time qb coach to point out some issues but I think Cortez will be able to do both jobs without too many issues.

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all I said was DD needs help and you take a hissy fit… time for you to grow up

Unlike you, Depop does contribute in a positive way, I have read many of his posts that are of a positive nature, unlike you that posts anti Durant posts. Not once have I seen something positive from you, besides start Willy. Depop unlike you understands football and this league! The only one here that needs to grow up is you!!

I've said the odd negative thing about Willy and others here, It is not the only thing I am capable of talking about, and it is FAR from the only thing I focus on, and I never stick to bashing one player as my only topic on here...why? Because I have a maturity level greater than yours, and IMO a vast greater knowledge base and understanding of the game. You are too simple to see contributing factors to a player's successes and failures and can only focus in on individual aspects. DD had a sensational season, and your comment above was yet another jab at shrug it off as if it was a comment that DD needed a QB coach to improve, but you know damned well you meant it as he needed it because in your opinion he is horrid...why can I be assured of this....because it is the content of ALL your posts.

I don't care about someone taking jabs at players and calling a spade a spade, but it is beyond ridiculous and juvenile to no end what you are doing. Also, I have said a lot of good about Willy if you have read my was not until they could not even use him in 3rd and inches any more that I said anything overly negative on him...why...because if you can't use your 2-3, 215lb QB in that situation, then there is no point in hanging onto a 27 year old QB for development when your starter is is time for someone 23-24 again unless Willy comes cheap, and he will likely be playing free agency (Bombers), because he can do math to and see the light of day....apparently you can not

further on my comments on can see that I have liked him since his 1st pre-season game:


Wanted to seem more of him since the same time frame:

And praised his successes:


See, I have insight and am on the other hand can't see the forest through the trees. If you are like this in day to day life, I feel bad for the people who are forced to be around it.

as for my "hissy fit," dig deep into that dysfunctional little brain and recall that I told you months ago (and I am sticking to it):

you know...regardless of who is saying what "negative thing" or not, maybe both of you should take a break. As much as one person hates the "negative" from a poster, the complaining and bitching about said poster is just as bad if not worse.