Khari Jones Take on Jake Ireland

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Seems he feels he is the worst?

No, I believe there are worse referees than Ireland...Proulx is a good example. One bad call does not make a bad official. Proulx seems to make bad calls in every game he officiates.

I disagree

Proulx gets my vote. He is horrible.

I think you guys are blaming both Ireland and Proulx for the calls of their crew

I dont even pay attention to the names and faces of the refs, nor can I remember from game to game if I did.

The best refs are the one's whose names you can't remember in a thread like this :wink:

Proulx also gets my vote as the worst. As soon as I see he's officiating I know someone going to get screwed at the worst possible time which always leaves a stain on a otherwise good game.

Stay home Proulx

K Jones is blaming Ireland and if you listen to the interview I would say it is pretty accurate in my opinion. Proulx is much better then Ireland in his calls.

Agreed Dust if you know their names there would be due to a problem that would make you remember them.

I see more bungled calls from Ireland than from Proulx. I don't see Proulx tossing a player from the game because he accidentally bumped into a ref and then tried to help him up.

no but Proulx tosses players who stood back while a brawl was happening... ya a lot better id say

I've never seen him do that personally, but I would agree that's worse.

Marginal calls, huge gains wiped out
seem to turn Jake Ireland’s crank.

He rushes to signal calls in
with a stern look on his face.

Confrontational attitudes like his
should be a thing of the past.

Give the boys a minute to protest.

Consult with your crew.


A pox on Khari Jones!

He called Jake Ireland

the Hamilton [Tiger Cats] of referees!

And you didnt see Ireland do it either....
Again he only announced the call, he didnt make it

Did Jake consult with his whole crew?

If so, score one point for Jake.

If not, the angry bugger on the crew
was the only one who was listened to.

There was no chance for another official
to tell Jake that he saw it differently.

"the HAMILTON of referees"...HAHAHA

You cant blame us Rider fans for not like Proulx. If he butchered, very badly might I add, your city/provinces names, you wouldn't like him too much either lol

If he keeps it up he'll be the Ottawa of the referees - no longer in the League.

Yes he did consult the crew!
And it was another official that called it not Jake.