Khari Jones Signs 3 Yr. Contract

It`s now official. So we only have to worry now about new owners and a GM.

The announcement says he will also continue as offensive co-ordinator, doesn’t mention QB coach. So he most likely will be looking for one.

Wow Zurkowsky avait raison

Pour un fois.

Great news glad that they got it done so now he can build for next season.

Excellent news! Nice term length. Now let’s get new ownership and a new GM in place so we can start building a contender.

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Even a broken clock is right twice a day

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Great signing!
VAJ should be next now that he knows Khari is back

Does this mean ownership will soon be answered??

On one of his recent hits Dave Naylor said the hangup was what revenues the new owners were entitled to. I take that to mean something to do with the TV contract.

In any case Peter Lenkov keeps retweeting Als news, so I’m hoping it will be resolved shortly. But in the meantime Randy has been a far better owner than Andrew. :slight_smile:

I took that to mean what are the revenues from this “CFL year” to which they are entitled.

Some questions from Joey Alfieri in regards to Khari’s coaching staff, including this:

  1. Is Marcel Bellefeuille making a return to Montreal?

Here Khari seems to be saying he will give up QB Coach only if he finds the right replacement.

« Je ne sais pas encore si je conserverai les fonctions d’entraîneur des quarts, a-t-il dit. Si ça demeure inchangé, je suis confiant que ce sera pour le mieux. Si on nomme un entraîneur des quarts, ce sera que nous aurons trouvé une très bonne personne pour faire ce travail. Vernon progresse de belle façon et je veux que ça continue. »

Great news! Now, we only need an owner, a GM and a new DC.

No Bellefeuille! >:(


Agree agree

There’s also no logical place for Bellefeuille in the organization. He’s not going to be a position coach at this stage in his career, and Khari is retaining OC duties. So there’s no spot for him, mercifully.

GM ?

KIDDING … REALLY … I’m kidding