....Khari Jones ..sign on with BigBlue

...nooooo... not a Millington return or Hitchcock revival...just going to be signed for a day so he can officially retire a Bomber...and so he should..class guy... had some pretty good years in the Peg...almost got a Cup...but we won't go there... :wink: :thup:

Maybe we should let him play!!!

Revive the old Stegall/Jones magic one more time and make up for the Grey Cup debacle vs Calgary in '01

Ironic that the Stamps could put another nail in our Grey Cup hopes six years later.

Sorta like poison ivy , come backs to haunt you.

ok i am happy to see one of our better qbs get signed to retire like that. cuz he really never mattered anywhere else but here. but we don't need him to play. glad to see a class move by the team to do that though.

Ya calgary is getting our gc hopes down but so has every team that beat us.

17 will be swinging from the rafters, like it should be. Congrats Khari.

why don't we retire guys like the whole 84 team.
don't get me wrong now Khari jones was a great qb, but if we are going this far lets look at the whole team.
wish he would also retire from broadcasting as well.