Khari Jones should be the Bomber's next coach

Oh No and 4! – What now? Bring Back Khari Jones to rescue the Bombers, that's what. Dave Berry rose to his level of incompetence in last year's Grey Cup by putting a tight leash on Dinwiddie and placing Blink on stand-by.

To promote Greg Marshall to head coach when he hasn't earned it would be repeating the same mistake President Lyle Bauer has made twice already. Marshall's secondary isn’t solid, while Jim Daley and Doug Berry just aren’t CFL head coaching material.

I'd like to see Greg Marshall and GM Brendan Taman put their heads together to firm up the secondary. It's like a piece of Swiss cheese--too soft and full of holes--even with Samuels' return.

We can either have President and CEO Lyle Bauer come down from his ivory tower like Joe Popp did in Montreal or we can hire Khari Jones as head coach--it worked for the Argos when they hired Pinball Clemons!

Khari would settle down QB Kevin Glenn, who is still emotionally fragile after last season's trauma and could work wonders with Glenn’s supporting cast as well.

I believe Khari Jones could turn this season around and reclaim the Grey Cup that is rightfully ours—this year and always. GO BLUE!!!

Let me see, you tar and feather Khari Jones when he was your QB and now you want him back?

I'm confused.

As for your selections, you needed to add non of the above.

I don't think Coaching is Winnipegs problem.

The only thing Khari had going for him was he had a great arm. He couldn't read defences and he would fill his pants at the sight of a blitzing linebacker so once he hurt his shoulder and lost some arm strength he was finished as a QB. He is the polar opposite of the kind of former player who makes a good coach.

That would just be plain stupid! Hire someone not in the organization. I heard Mathews is contemplating a comeback.(rumor) I couldn't vote as all the above mentioned in the poll are useless.