Khari Jones released

According to, the Eskimos have released QB Khari Jones leaving Ricky Ray and Jason Mass to compete for the starting job.

are you listening HAMILTON?

Can't say im surprised, he will be picked up by a team in the east. Anyone know if the Esks posted the whole list yet?

Comon Argos this is where you come in. Khari would look sweet in an Argos uni.

they say they need a roster of 40 players!? I though it was 50?! :?

50 had to be trimmed down to 40 for the reg season by 3 this afternoon

The Als should go after him!

Well, one thing is for sure, he isn't coming back to Winnipeg, which is too bad.

Khari had too much competition in Edmonton, especially since Ray came back.

Khari’s a likeable guy, and has a lot of talent. From what I saw on TV he has a lot of class and I hope another team can find a place for him.

All I can say is , I'm glad we're not in the running for that sweepstakes.

I think you guys give Jonesy too much credit. Even back in his glory days with the Bombers, so often he'd throw up a brick (one one-thousand...two one-thousand...three one-thousand...) and Arland Bruce or Albert Johnson III or Milt back in his hey day would out jump or out run the opposing DB for the ball. Then the Bomber powerhouse was picked over by the NFL, and suddenly Jones was taking more hits in the pocket and didn't have the arm strength, nor the exceptional receivers at his disposal to catch his mediocre passes. I'm sorry, but I think that Khari Jones is one of the most over-rated athletes to ever play in this league. He was never particularly mobile, nor did he have a strong arm, nor did he read defenses particularly well. Like I say, he was blessed with a strong receiving corps, that and Charles Roberts and Mike Sellers certainley didn't hurt. I feel bad for the guy because he is a genuinely good guy and he did a lot for the community, I think he's a class act. But as far as football goes, I'm sorry, but I just don't think he is or ever was the player he's made out to be.

I think Jones is over rated the way some people rave about him, but I'd take him as a backup to Cavillo instead of White if the price is right, that'sfor sure!

If Jones joined our team , he would be the # 5 guy . From what Buck Pierce showed in preseason , and he's #4 on the depth chart , Khari couldn't even make our practice roster . The guy sucks , as already noted. Even when he was in his " glory days" was he really any good ? Were the Bombers great back then or was it just a case where the league was at a low point as far as talented teams were concerned? I think the latter. The other teams just got better and now the Bombers are just mediocre at best by comparison.

the Bombers were heading up a mediocre that what your saying. wpenn....what a bunch of bafflegab......go back over the 'glory days' for the BOMBERS and you'll find out in how many categories they actually led in.........and how many teams were right behind in the stats......the BigBLUE were just simply BETTER. NFL. clubs don't scout out mediocrity and there sure were alot picking through the BOMBER roster in those days....maybe your team just got their can kicked by those Wpg. teams and you're still a little bitter... ah well... :lol: .you'll get over it eventually. :lol:

Ottawa should pick him up if Joseph goes down they are toast!

Yeah, he'd be good in Ottawa

BC is set
Calgary is set
Edmonton is set
Saskatchewan isn't, but maybe Maas (or KJ) will land there and take up the QB position
Winnipeg is set
Toronto is set (for now)
Hamliton is set (if Mcmanaas goes down, Brandy will be a good replacment)
Montreal is set

not bitter at all pappy, my team has consistently kicked bomber butt since those days , and I expect more of the same this year. :stuck_out_tongue: Those days seem like a distant memory already. I happen to disagree with you thats all . Since then the Lions have dramatically improved as have the Riders and Esks. With those teams on the rise the Bombers have been pushed into the cellar , and I think Calgary will also be way ahead of the Bombers this year. Why should I be bitter ? My Lions rock , so there :lol:

Depends what you call the right price. He was making over 100,00 in Edmonton.

And more pappy , the Als were the dominant team for the last number of years , but last season what happened to them ? Did they go way down hill ? They were still pretty good but the Lions , Esks and Riders all ended up making them look average , is that because the Als aren't as good as they used to be? Or are the other teams improved? I think the others have improved , the Als were still a good team , the team hadn't changed that much . A few years ago some of the others were floundering , Khari was your big man back then , now he's only back up material , and on alot of teams he isn't even good enough to be #2 or 3.

K.Jones as back up to Calvillo !!!