Khari Jones hired in Saskatchewan

Khari Jones is now the new QB Coach of the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

And here's the link:

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Not surprising, since his days were seemingly numbered in TabbieTown.

It may be wise to hire Cortez as HC as he also has previous and current experience as a QB coach regardless of who we hire for that specific position.

It's always possible I suppose, that if Cortez is hired, he becomes both head coach and offensive coordinator. .. not recommended from where i'm sitting, but a possibility I suppose.

Oh goody!

Now we need a new Coach, Offensive coordinator, Defensive coordinator.
As we already have a new QB, can anyone say: 'a complete overhaul' ?

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Based on his work with Glenn, Porter, Boltus, Tafralis, I'd say...good riddance.

Not recommended, indeed. I still shudder when I remember the insanity of Dunigan's tenure in Calgary. Head Coach, Offensive coordinator, and General manager in one body. Disaster!
HC and OC is not quite so bad, but still, two heads are much better than one, so long as the two are on the same page.

Agreed. He didn't seem to be very enthusiastic or energetic in his approach. I think his buddy relationship with Glenn hindered the progress of the other QB's.

What do you expect to continue with mediocrity? Jones sucked as a OC so did Chambin as DC and MB was a crap HC. We have a QB who wins and mostly the same Offensive and defensive players who can be great if coached properly. my 2 cents

I hope the door didn't hit him in the butt on the way out. That is a demotion from OC to QB coach. I'm really hoping that Cortez is the new HC and Burke is the asst HC and DC. That would give us the best staff the Cats have had in a long long time.

Great post tcmike. You just summed up the situation perfectly in two sentences. Very efficient choice of words. :lol: :thup:

I'm not sure the Bummers would allow Burke to take a lateral move as Hamilton's new DC. They might, but I can easily see them saying no. The only way they would agree, imo, is if he were given the HC job. This would be a promotion which they would have to agree to, as to do otherwise would reduce their ability to recruit high quality coordinators. If Cortez is "the man" in the Hammer then that option would not be open to Burke.

I sincerely hope I am wrong though, as it could be an awesome combination. :rockin:

I’m sure any position Burke may be offered in this organization would come attached with an Assistant Head Coach tag, more than enough to sweeten the pot.

It’s really wishful thinking and hoping!

Tim Burke, according to the BB's site is listed as their DC and defensive backs coach. Richard Harris was the assistant head coach.

I may be wrong on this, but if Burke is offered the DC and assistant head coach position in Hamilton, would that not be a promotion and therefore he could make the move without violating his contract in spirit with Winnipeg, as most teams will allow their staff to interview and accept new positions with other teams as long as they are a step up.

I think Tim Burke could be a very good head coach, and it's strange that no one has taken him as yet. Unless, he's not interested in being a HC or moving.

The combination of Cortez and Burke would, I think, potentially provide the Tiger cats with the best coaching staff in the league. And if Burris can get his magic going again.....WOW!!!!!

KJ leaving is no surprise, whoever the new HC is going to be is going to bring in his own co-ordinators…I only hope that we have a HC in place sooner than later.

What I've read so far has indicated that the annoucement will be this week. If the team has already asked permission to speak with Cortez, I don't imagine that it will take long to either work out the details or to get a no and move on.

I've heard that Obie is looking to attend the college coaches meetings in the U.S. Perhaps, that is plan B if the deal with Cortez falls through.

Glad to see Khari go. He did nothing for us as QB while here. Now maybe all the QB's will be given the same treatment, not just his chosen man. Maybe Quinton will have the opportunity to use a set of plays designed for more than just short routes that Glenn couldn't throw.