Khari Jones gets a Gig!

Anybody catch this?

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Good for you :thup: I'm glad to see you will be around the stadiums this year :thup: :thup:

Wow! Khari Jones is the new Elliotte Friedman!

Great Move It will be Nice To See him Around.

Elliotte Friedman is the new host of the "CFL on CBC"...good luck to both men!

Oski Wee Wee,

Good move CBC!

I look forward to Khari's insight.

yeah, that was kinda my point. khari is doing the job that elliotte did last year since elliotte is now the host.

I'm glad to see Khari has found something within the CFL. I felt quite badly for him with the repeated cuts from so many teams within so short a time span. He was an exceptional quarterback and is an exceptionally nice guy. Although I sure would like to know the status of his health. I can't help but wonder how bad his shoulder injury really was.