Khari Jones Future

Khari is one of the nice guys in CFL lore. He literally saved a gas-lit bomber franchise in the early 2000s w/ a little help from stars like Charles Roberts & Milt Stegall - solids like Doug Brown.

However, he's got to be in the worst position possible. Not only OC for the feeblest offense in the league - but also primary caddy and sales trainer for the rambunctious Johnny Manziel.

No question he'll be axed when the dust clears on the Als season.

But the real question is whether Kavis & The Als have soiled this guy so badly he's no longer feasible as a reclamation project. . . even as a running back or QB coach.

Guy is only 47/48, almost same age as Plop LaPolice but his track record in coaching is extremely sketchy.

Once a promising guy to head coach in the CFL. Now, can he even survive as a coordinator or lower-level assistant?

However, there's still changes a comin' in the grand 'ol CFL - LaPolice may end up in Montreal as head coach and offensive coordinator, that would open up an OC job for Jones, even as Buck Pierce's assistant, if the Bombers deem Pierce ready to take the helm as an OC.

Other market is Ottawa. Don't know if Khari is better or worse than McAdoo in Sask'n but Khari's been around the turnpike a few times. Just don't know whats left on his score-card. . . .

Paul Lapolice is very happy and successful in Winnipeg with his family. There is ZERO chance that he goes to Montreal. They've offered him the job before and he turned them down. The life expectancy of a HC in Montreal is nine games. Plus he ran away from Kavis Reed in Saskatchewan, he certainly won't go work for him.

Agreed with HfxTC, we won't get LaPolice. We can dream, but it most likely won't happen.

Jones has been a mediocre OC. He would be better as a position coach.

You're probably right Tex - the natural ascension for Plop is to pick up a Grey Cup win as OC for current bomber regime (Wad, O'Shea, Walters, etc.)

If that happens in next 2 years - the Argos might come a callin' for O'Shea, and O'Shea, armed with a Grey Cup win might be tempted to return to his old crime scene. Even Hamilton a possibility as June Jones begins ageing out.

At that point - LaPolice would be the hometown favourite to resume the reins of the Bombers.

Knock on LaPolice has never been his football knowledge or strategical deployment. He's head 'n shoulders above O'Shea in this regard. The knock is he's terrified of trouble-maker players & lacks intestinal fortitude to deal with such. For all the negatives O'Shea brings to the field (indecision, poor decisions under pressure, enabling poor performances by those coaches under him, etc.) O'Shea is one tough sonovagun when it comes to confronting and controlling trouble. Perhaps the best in the league!

I think KJ can still be a HC, just needs something to work with. As for Montreal, he has nothing to work with, including a HC who doesn't know the CFL, although he hasn't made the bone head plays J. Jones has made in Hamilton.

What does it say about your head coach when he tells reporters "I wasn't into the game".

I think it'd be hard for WPG to keep both MOS & PLP. Don't want to see this happen, but MOS would be the best choice for Montreal to help create a new identity, something they really need.

The new controls on football operations will definitely put more focus on upward mobility. But will that translate in the upper echelons of football ops or will they just shop at the bottom and pay less for the entry level guys? Football is notorious for unpaid positions.

Who would Al's fans prefer if they had a choice....O'Shea or Trestman?

Iknow the city loves him, but Trestman looks lost right now with a much better team...MOS had a bit of a learning curve as an HC (and is still learning) but has always had the respect of his players.
Contrary to what Lyle tries to portray, I think O'Shea has grown alot as a head coach. There were some calls that made me scream out loud, and there still are at times....but he has brought us out of those dark days that Montreal is now stuck in.

Hear, hear, my friend.