Khari Jones back in Blue?

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Some of you agree with me, 100%. Others wonder what I've been smoking.

But there was no shortage of reaction to yesterday's column suggesting the Blue Bombers bring back quarterback Khari Jones.

The e-mail box, the voice mail and the Sun's web poll were all humming, and the vast majority of respondents say Jones would be an improvement over anybody the Bombers currently have filling in for injured Kevin Glenn.

One caller said all he's been hearing at the Stadium lately is chants of "Bring back Khari Jones," and he hopes it happens.

By 8 p.m. yesterday, 480 fans had responded to our web poll, 74% saying the Bombers should bring the 35-year-old out of retirement.

There doesn't seem to be any middle ground on the issue, though.

One e-mailer suggested Jones, the CFL's top player in 2001, was never that good to begin with, saying he dumped his season tickets because the Bombers stuck with Jones for so long.

"If you were a coach of the Bombers and had any notion of bringing him back, I'd fire you also," he wrote. "Don't make me want to give up my season tickets again."

Another suggested I wasn't thinking clearly when I wrote the column.

"Hey Paul, you're not eating any of those 'Trumpets of Doom' are you?" he asked. "It would explain your hallucinations of wanting the Bombers to bring back Khari Jones!"

No, I haven't been nibbling on any funny-looking flowers.

I just think Jones would have produced more than four offensive points over the last seven quarters, that's all.

And when Glenn comes back, old No. 17 would make a great sideline mentor, an extra pair of eyes that might be able to provide the odd tip, a la Danny McManus in Calgary.

Sure, it's possible Mike Quinn or Brad Banks will be better next time.

But if they're not, Glenn is out two to four more weeks, by which time the Bombers could fall to third place in the East.

It would just seem right, too, to see Jones finish his career in blue and gold, even if it's as a backup.

Unable to crack Edmonton's roster this season, Jones has been working as a sideline reporter for games on CBC television.

Reached in Calgary this week, he didn't totally rule out playing again.

"If a team feels like they need me and I feel good about that situation, then it's something that might happen," he said. "But it's still a might after that."

So far, the Bombers haven't called him.

Like I said yesterday, why not?

I agree to bring him back, and me being a bomber fan, nothing is more frustrating having a backup qb that can barely get a fist down. Khari has proven that he can play football and i hope to see him back in a bomber uniform.

....Calgary was smart and picked up a 'wiley old vet in Danny can't find a better seasoned guy than Khari right now....i think he would help Glenn and Banks immensley...will he dump his media gig for the game again...don't would have to be worthwhile for Jones to take it on....but a very nice way to finish-up his career... :wink: :thup:

His shoulder is in rough shape, but I wish him the best he's to good of a baller to have went out the way he did.

Yeah i'm not sure if he'll even want to come back from what i've read about his shoulder.

He looked horrible in the esks training camp. Consistently over and underthrowing receivers.

What your head and your heart say hardly ever go the same way. Khari probably knows he should stick to his new CBC job, but deep inside, he probably wants one last shot at that game he loves...

He als o seems to be getting lots of work here as well! He is a great guy to bad his career went inot the rider well! OOPs did I say that I mean in the toilet!

so, thats hardly stopped jason maas from getting playing time this year..haha

Even though an inanimate carbon rod would probably be a more effective quarterback than Mike Quinn, I can't see Jones in a Bombers uniform again. The man is beyond washed up. I like Khari, and at his peak, he was as good as any QB in the league, but watching him get cut and traded time and again in the past year has been painful. Clearly, his skills have diminished, and his shoulder is shot. I think he should stick with his CBC job and bow out gracefully, instead of coming back to the Peg for one last kick at the can that will likely end in embarrassment for all concerned.


I'll second that lol.

...inanimate carbon lol...Rod Quinn ...i like far as Khari goes..i think he would be more valuable in an advisory capacity to Glenn and Banks...i suspect he can't put any zip on the ball ....and may be good for just a few downs...but heh....he can't be any worse in the savvy dept..... than the other two ...Michna and Quinn... who will probably be moving on... :?

Khari's on the radar


Don't look now, but Khari Jones has appeared on the Winnipeg Blue Bombers' radar screen.

After a lengthy discussion yesterday, Bomber GM Brendan Taman and head coach Doug Berry have added the former Bomber to their list of potential fill-ins for the second half of the CFL season.

In fact, Taman contacted Jones's agent, Gil Scott, to express his interest.

"You have to uncover every stone," Taman, scouting NFL camps in the U.S., said from California last night. "I didn't go down a very long path with him. It would be a little different if Kevin (Glenn) was more at risk."

Jones isn't the front-runner, but he's one of three on Winnipeg's short list, along with former Montreal backup Ted White and former NFL backup Ryan Dinwiddie.

No matter who the Bombers bring in, he won't be a saviour for the next game, a week from tomorrow, at home against Toronto.

"They're not going to start, in reality, against Toronto," Taman said. "It doesn't make sense -- a guy hasn't been in our system or to our camp. (But) we have to add to our depth, there's no question about that."

There are two factors playing against Jones: his age (35), and his veteran status, which means the Bombers would be committed to him, financially, for the rest of the season.

"If we get through the Toronto game and then get Kevin back, that's hopefully what I see happening," Taman said. "Am I going to sign Khari and marry him for the rest of the year to be our backup quarterback? Probably not. If Kevin was down for a month or six games, yeah, probably."

Taman and Berry would prefer to land a pivot who'll be around longer.

Dinwiddie, a 25-year-old former Boise State star, best fits the bill.

"We want to build a guy within our program that, when Kevin goes down next time, here's our young up-and-comer," Taman said. "We owe it to the program -- let's get something built here, not to grab-bag and Band-aid everything. It's time to look to the future."

Winnipeg's current backups include Mike Quinn, who's 32 and struggled mightily against B.C. last week, Russ Michna, who hasn't shown much, and Brad Banks, who's set to become a free agent next season.

The only problem with Dinwiddie is he's in grad school, and isn't sure he wants to give football another crack.

Another possibility is Gino Giudugli, who was at Tennessee's camp a year ago.

MIGHT HAVE BEEN MADDOX: The Bombers tried to lure former Pittsburgh Steelers starter Tommy Maddox north, and briefly thought they had a shot at the NFL's comeback player of the year in '02.

It was the day after Winnipeg lost to B.C. last week that Taman put a call in to Maddox's agent.

"He was thinking he might do it," Taman said. "But as it turned out ... he's waiting for an NFL chance."

Now Tommy Maddox is the type of player I suspected Taman would try to lure up here....the grizzled old vet.....dont right it off just yet..

I say we do it. If there's one thing that'll snap him out of his slump, it'll be inviting him back with the Bombers

OH MY GOD !!!!!

«Jones isn't the front-runner, but he's one of three on Winnipeg's short list, along with former Montreal backup Ted White and former NFL backup Ryan Dinwiddie.»



I can't believe I just read that !

I don't think that there is a single Bomber fan that wants to see White in blue & gold. If that's the short list, then I can now see why there has been all this Khari talk lately. Taman had a great offseason, but the addition of Ted White would leave a rather bad taste in the mouths of many Bomber faithful. We might as well just throw Banks in, and see if we can at least give him some valuable experience for the future. no no, you guys are mistaken....give Brendan SOME credit....Taman wouldn't consider putting Ted White on the short list.....but I have it on good authority (McMahon) that he is talking to Ted Knight, star of Caddy Shack and the Mary Tyler Moore Show and died twenty years ago....Go Taman Go!....

If White comes to Winnipeg, you guys could give him #37. Onterio Smith was so overweighted during training camp that he probably stretched that jersey enough so it could fit White.

You guys have no idea how Mike Quinn is a premier quarterback compared to White. Ted White was the guy who proved Jim Popp to be human.

And why Ryan Dinwiddie? With seven QBs in Montreal's training camp this year, Dinwiddie was the first to be cut.

OH ! Speaking of cuts, I know who you guys should get ! Quincy Carter ! lol... That would be fun too. As bad as he could be, there's no way he'd throw 3 interceptions off 6 throws, like White could do!

I am sure that must be a misprint......and in fact Taman is talking with the agent of Betty White, one time Golden Girl, who apparently still has quite the skill set......