Khari Jones - anyone-anyone- which team?

CCCCCCCCCCalling for KKKKKKKKKKhari Jones:

Which team after two weeks needs him the most???

My call is in this order

  1. Winnipeg
  2. Winnipeg
  3. Winnipeg
  4. Ottawa
  5. Hamilton
  6. Toronto - in case Allen gets hurt
  7. Calgary- in case Burris jumps to the Interplanetary football league
  8. Montreal- in case Calvillho gets hurt at a Karioke bar on St. Catherines St.
  9. BC - in case Printers injures Dickenson like Bertuzzi and goes to jail for assault.
  10. Edmonton again in case Maas gets an ear injury and they need a back-up to Wicky Way. (remember Elmer Fudd?!)
  11. Saskatchewan - in case Nealon jumps to the NFL!!!!!!!!!, then Crandall and Khari can armwrestle to see who starts. (one former League MVP and another Grey Cup MVP!!

riders rule
esks drool

Turkeybend, you are killin me LOL

Ottawa does not need Jones...

Ottawa has the best potential break out qb's on the roster...

And currently Kennedy who is 2nd due to injuries by Banks and Peterson...

If anybody needs Jones it's Hamilton and Toronto and even Montreal... If their starters go down they are screwed!

Winnipeg could use him, but that is not happening cuz Winnipeg don't like him and he don't like the Peg.

a slame though...

Hamilton needs anyone right now

khari isnt bad, i wish we never traded him cause now we are stuck with glenn, but hes a little wimp and cant play with his "hurt" ankle, and then there is the big T who thinks that throwing the ball to the bench( out of bounds)is the right thing rather then to his team. they need russ michna in, he did better in the preseason then all the qbs on the team. either way, bombers are screwed, and i hate to say that because bombers are my team but what can i say? without a good qb you got nothing

Sorry to say, but Jones is gonna be left without work this year. I’d send him back to winnipeg though, with glenn injured and the new rookie starting ( first cfl start ) last week, they could use a more experienced qb. on the other hand the riders need no help what so ever, becuz the Cup is Coming Home to SASKATCHEWAN this year

I'm amazed that Jones hasn't been picked up by any team yet.


Third & Ten had the best angle. Jones needs to go to Montreal. If Calvillo goes down, Montreal is in big trouble.

Sorry - but I don't think that Khari is any better than the current talent that is out there right now ... If people could remember the past few seasons (which obviously they dont) ... Khari SUCKED ... The current QBs in Winnipeg SUCK ... So why replace a SUCKY QB with a more expensive, older, SUCKY QB???

I think the debate should be where Khari Jones will WORK next .... I figure
he'll land in a place with the rest of societies outcasts ....

  1. McDonalds
  2. Burger King
  3. Subway
  4. BoosterJuice
  5. Hamilton

I'm going with 4 ... and maybe a little 2 at night ...


Montreal just lost to Ottawa ... Correct me if i'm wrong here .. But since Hell has obviously frozen over - we're all in big trouble!!

Surely - Khari Jones will not be our savior! (or Montreal's) Tho I'd love to see all of Montreal's hopes and aspirations lay squarly on the shoulders of Khari ... I'd even wish the Bombers were back in the East. heh.


This is the what? 10th, 12th thread dedicated to Jonesy? I'm not surprised at all that he hasn't been picked up. He's old, immobile, weak, banged up, and horrible at reading defenses. Hey, if you guys want a QB that regularly throws into double and triple coverage just so he can get it to his number one receiver out of spite, a guy that can get sacked even when he has a ten foot lead on a 300 lb offensive lineman, and a guy who's idea of dropping back into the pocket and throwing is chucking up a brick like he's playing a game of jackpot on the school yard, by all means sign him. Personally, I think that if any team does decide to sign him they'd have to be pretty friggin' desperate. I'm sorry folks, but he ain't that good. Nice guy, crappy athlete. He'll never play another down in this league again.

You bitter, bitter man. Heh j/k.

Statik76, Don't hold back now..say how you really feel about Khari...LOL

Also, they way its raining out West here, (Oh where is summer again) MAYBE Hell is about to freeze over later on this month!

Maybe Winnipeg will Cross Over, eh?

TSN reported today that Hamilton (and other teams?) are in contact with Jones' agent.

Like I said, the first team in the East to have their starter go down to injury will be the one picking up Jones

[b]That's a stretch brewbomber, we know he'll play again. You can bet the Golden Boy on it. I doubt he will lead any team to a Grey Cup soon, but he could help Hamilton and yes even Winnipeg. As it stands the Bombers are a long shot to even make the playoffs. With Khari they would have some experience and a chance. As well, a QB out to re-establish himself.

Having said all this....I do want to add that Tee Martin looked like he should be given more game time. Yes he threw too many balls into black holes, but I for one would like to see if he can improve and settle down in a couple more games. Hopefully the next 2 straight. If not...take the big risk and trade Troy Westwood for Casey Printers.[/b]

with Danny Mac's and Marcus Brady's bad games, i wouldnt be surprsied to see them look for him. Montreal needs him too, cuz after Calvillo, they got last resort, maybe Winnipeg

Says on that Hamilton and an unnamed team is in the running. Maybe the unnamed team is Bombers and that is the reason why it is unnamed because of all the rukus this would cause in Winnipeg. I would say the bombers don't want this discussed in the media until a deal is done. Go for it, bombers - you need him.