Khari Jones and Barron Miles fired

The move comes about 1 loss earlier than I predicted. Also, didn't think Als would tie the can to both Khari Jo & Barron Miles. Re: Potential landing spots for each guy - - - ~ ~ ~ ~ I suspect TSN, which is struggling something fierce on pre-game, half-time & post-game panels will create a PLOP~SPOT or Smilin' Henry position for Khari. Khari is better at media relations than B. Miles so the spot is there if Khari wants it. Also, gives him an extra pay cheque in addition to his severance from the Als.
Won't be surprised if Chris Jones reaches out to Miles and bring him to Edmonton as a defensive assistant (role to be determined)

Good one. It's not easy to fake fandom, takes a certain character. Maybe I'll root for the refs.

But this has panic written all over it. If it was needed to be done it should have been done last off-season or the end of this season. Maciocia now on the firing line & rightfully so.

Hope you had an enjoyable fishing trip.

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Again, this was Khari's fourth year as OC and third as head coach. The team was trending downward. The offense in particular. In year four of an offense, you can't deliver what we delivered through four games.

Actually - it looks like a plan B that was in place already.

It also comes to mind that there was more to the Tre Watson thing than we know about. I thought it very odd they released him without looking for compensation.

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I mean I like the man but:

  • Our start of the games where awful (preparation)
  • 3rd quarter where usually bad (halftime adjustment)
  • The discipline was awful

That's all on the HC

and I could add no creativity on offence and predictable offence


Thought you'd appreciate it !

Let you know over on our site.

One thing I will say in support of DM taking on the "interim" role is that it is less disruptive than shuffling several coaches around to fill from within the coaching staff.

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And you have t-shirt back as DC. :slightly_smiling_face:

I liked Khari as a person but as a coach, he was a mediocrity. His offenses were no better than .500 at best and his mindset was stuck in the early '2000s. Vertical game, chuck and duck and hope for the best. I'm sure he'll find work as an OC, because this league loves to shuffle the same pile of mediocre coaches around, but if he ever wants to be a head coach again, he has to pay more attention to detail and learn how to make halftime adjustments.

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I was intentionally silent on that move ... willing to see how it turns out ... Als seemed unable to make the required 2nd half adjustments

Anybody think the Danny Maciocia will hire another assistant? I am thinking Marcel Bellefeuille.

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Predictable offence works when it gets executed properly

Uh, no. Your offense is eventually going to fail if there is little or no variation and enemy DCs can always guess what you're going to do.

Please god, no. You want to talk about a retread mediocrity, the pinnacle of the old white boys' club that keeps the barely competent in employment in this league? Look no further than Marcel F. Bellefeuille. How many times does this guy have to fail before he stops being hired?

Il y aura un point de presse de Maciocia demain après-midi à 2h

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Quotes from Herb:

"With the Als not playing this week, Jones returned home, to Surrey, B.C., instead of remaining in Montreal, attempting to find solutions to many of the team’s problems."

Heading into a bye week, after a blowout loss and the team at 1-3, he goes back to B.C. instead of rolling up his sleeves and trying to fix things? I like Khari but the above quote shows he had no urgency about the team and where it was going. That is not good energy for a head coach and offensive coordinator.

"The results were slow to materialize last season, seemingly only coming to fruition after defensive-line coach Todd Howard was fired following six games and Miles adopted a more aggressive approach — perhaps under orders from Maciocia?"

The Howard firing was always weird to me. In retrospect, it looks like Miles never really decided on the defense's identity and let himself get swayed by his position coaches.

Who would ever have a predictable offence with no new plays ever running from the same sets and system... That coach would get hung from a yardarm if the fans could find one... Coaches look bad when they are bad coaches period.ook what Ron Lancaster did in riderville as a head coach... He stunk... Got fired but later got the job in Hamilton and won a grey cup... Poor coaches can get fired and find redemption sometimes

If you followed the Als, you would know that the predictability of the offense was a major weakness and had been for years. Teams knew what we were going to do. It never changed. If our players made great plays, we had success, but that success rarely came from the formation or playcall. This has been Khari Jones's problem as an offensive coordinator even before his stint in Montreal. It was time for him to go.

Maybe he had a feeling his time was up.


Without doubt Khari should have stayed in Montreal to try to improve things. Did not DM say they were going to work together this week to find internal solutions?
Tony you maybe right.